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Posted on Saturday, December 9th, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 1c159fad

Company: GEICO Auto Insurance

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GEICO Auto Insurance

December 8, 2006

I recently separated from my wife. I called GEICO to ask them to send our auto insurance bills to my new address. When they heard I was separated, GEICO immediately removed me from my former policy (which jointly insured both my estranged wife and I) leaving only my estranged wife on the policy. GEICO then created a new policy for me (increasing my premium by over 100%). They also re-rated the former policy (which covers my estranged wife) and refused to discuss the new premium with me. Finally, they re-applied my most recent premium payment (which had been applied to the old joint policy) to the policy which now insures my estranged wife only. They told me that my wife could cancel the policy and if she chose to do so, they would refund my premium to her. I asked them by what legal authority they were splitting up our policy and making decisions about applying my payment exclusively to my wife’s account. They told me that my wife called them and asked them to split up the accounts and that their actions were standard company procedure in a divorce situation. When I called my estranged wife (we are on amicable terms) to inquire about why she asked GEICO to split up the accounts, she said she never talked to them. Not once . . . EVER! GEICO FLAT LIED TO ME ABOUT MY WIFE CALLING THEM!!!! They also used my separation (not a divorce yet) as grounds to jack our rates through the roof. Never (repeat NEVER) do business with these dishonest self-serving people. Avoid them like tainted shellfish. Brian (California)


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