I hate Bally Total Fitness

Posted on Sunday, April 2nd, 2006 at 12:00am CST by f0df433c

Company: I hate Bally Total Fitness

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I hate Bally Total Fitness

April 1, 2006

On 3/28/03, I signed a three year Contract with Bally's. First of all, I was promised under the plan I chose to receive 2 free sessions with a personal trainer. I made the appointment and the trainer never showed up. It was such a hassle that I gave up trying. As much as a hated the club, I knew I had to take responsibility for the Contract I signed. The dreadful 3 years (64.43 every month down the drain) finally arrived. I paid the membership in full and according to the Contract the Automatic Payment Plan should not be in effect anymore. The Contract states in bold print, "Your Automatic Payment Plan election will remain in effect unless and until all amounts due under this Contract are paid in full (which I did) or (not and) until you give written notice that you revoke this authorization to us at the address noted in Paragraph 6 on Page 2 or to your bank." I did not authorize any renewal nor did I want to continue membership. However, Ballys took it upon themselves to debit money from my account without my approval. I called Member Services hoping to have the money credit back and they refused. I asked to speak to a manager and that was also refused. The member service rep. began the conversation with rudeness all the way to the end. I hate Bally Total Fitness and I will not let them take a penny more from me.

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1344761e, 2009-12-30, 11:25AM CST

I have had the exact experience with this horrible company. Could never get out of my three year contract unless I lost a limb or moved over 20 miles from a Ballys, which both were tempting to do just to get out of the Ballys web of death. After they began to charge my bank account right under my nose and never even gave me a notice that this was happening or that my three year contract was up. I called my local rep who said I had to call this customer service number then I was on hold for exactly 39 minutes in which I hung up. I'm still trying get out of the web with no success. Hopefully soon! For anyone that want to sign up for Ballys, go to the good old YMCA they actually treat you like humans not meat with money.

Thanks for listening to my vent session. Ahh!

224fc0df, 2010-02-03, 10:02AM CST

I Finally Finished my dreaded 3yr contract in DEC 09 and noticed that bally's is continuing to charge me each month. I have tried to call there customer service multiple times, and have been unable to be connected since they have wait times of larger that 30 minutes and advised to callback later. I had this same issues 3 years ago when i tried to cancel with in the 30 day trial period. I thought that after 3 years I would finally be free, but im still fighting. I am so tired of this!

5531962e, 2011-04-04, 07:11PM CDT



52c9b76c, 2012-08-27, 10:19AM CDT

same here after the 3 year contract ran out i was promised they would not charge me any longer , and have been charged for the passed 7 months by the company who bought them

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