Trouble with Cox Communications

Posted on Sunday, April 2nd, 2006 at 12:00am CST by 07b0fad0

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Trouble with Cox Communications

April 1, 2006

This complaint is about Cox Communications Inc. in Orange County Ca.

I have never felt so belittled by any company as I have with this one. They just don't care about their customers.

Here's what happened...

A few months ago I decided to get Cable TV with this company. The appointment was set, and the service tech never showed up. When I called to find out what had happened I was informed that he couldn't find the cable box! Marveled by this, I then asked the customer service rep why the tech didn't call me to let me know this, or go to the community office to ask one of the maintenance workers where it was. Of course, he didn't have an answer for me. But it is obvious to me that he just didn't show up. I mean really, how could he not know where the service box is? That's like saying a person who knows how to drive a car can't find the ignition switch in the vehicle! I just can't believe that they would think that I would be stupid enough to believe this!

So then, after being juggled around by a plethora of unhelpful, and rude customer service reps, I proceeded to make a complaint to one of the supervisors who informed me that they would send someone out the next day to turn on my cable. In fact, I was even given a specific time frame in which the tech would show up. But again, no one showed up, and no phone call either! So they wasted my time, and didn't even have enough courtesy to call me!

So I then complained again, but they didn't seem to care at all about my problem. And to my surprise, they even told me that there wasn't an appointment for the tech to show up that day. What lies! I was specifically informed by one of their supervisors that someone would show up. So how could they not have that on record?

At this point I was thoroughly disgusted and decided to tell them that I didn't want their services and terminated my account with them.

But then on the 29th of March I decided that I would give them another chance, since I want to have Cable TV and they have an obvious cable service monopoly on the area in which I live. Again, the tech never showed up, or called. And when I made a complaint I was told that the guy did come. Yet, my cable isn't on. And when I said it wasn't on, the tech on the phone told me that the connection must of failed.

Well, don't they have equipment to inform them of these things? I'm sure they do. So it is my guess, based on my past experience with them, that this too was a lie, and that the guy, just like before, really didn't show up. To verify if my guess about this was correct, I asked the phone tech to tell me what time the guy attempted to turn it on(I asked this because I called about an hour or so earlier to find out when the tech was going to turn my cable on, and I was informed that he didn't arrive yet). So he put me on hold for a moment. And when he got back on the phone he told me that he didn't know the time. Oh, so he knew that he turned it on, but he didn't know what time he did it? That sounds funny to me, since I know with the nature of this kind of work techs, for the sake of showing accountability for their work, are supposed to make a record of the times and dates that they service their customers. So I questioned the phone tech further about the so-called failed connection by asking hike how this could be, and how the service tech didn't know about it. He then told me that

this is what he was told to say. What he was told to say? That sounds funny to me!

I now realise that making complaints with this company to the people who run it is just a waste of time, since they obviously don't care about their customers. So I'm going to just have to go with another Cable company, since Cox obviously doesn't care about their customers. As the saying goes...three strikes and you're out! Therefore, Cox is out.


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30ca866c, 2008-12-20, 08:36AM CST

I don't believe they are rude. You probably can get a bad one in the bunch, but I think what happens is some call in, get rude with them, and then the person calling thinks any tone they give you is rude. That goes for all customer service places. I just don't believe all these people are bad. You make the situation how you want it on the phone.

9e15d6e8, 2009-02-12, 07:42PM CST

Sorry I spent 4 hours dealing witht these IDIOTS today - one of their hired goons came out today and installed cable - it was supposed to be a free install since I moved my phone to them last week but THAT tech failed to do both as he should have so they wanted to charge me for a trip charge - NO WAY ! I am not paying for them to make a trip to my house again when they were supposed to do it on the first appointment time. then the idiot couldnt get my tv and vcr to work corretly, of course he starts in with blaming ME for not knowing how to work my VCR - sorry asshole I have had that VCR for years and it worked fine before you started screwing with it. At that point I said to hell with it - take your cable and shove it and restore my wires and cables the way they were (with another cable provider) of COURSE at that point he tells me I have to call my other cable provider since he doesnt know anything about their service. WTF ? You knew how to disconnect but now 15 mintues later you cant reconnect ? So here I sit for the next 4 days with no tv - Cox communications in Phx AZ SUCKS and I am cancelling my phone and high speed internet with them in the morning '

'Screw these people - they make a mistake and then it costs me 75 dollars to have it fixed ???? this is WRONG

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