2000 Volvo S70 GLT A/C repairement

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Company: 2000 Volvo S70 GLT A/C repairement

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2000 Volvo S70 GLT A/C repairement

September 8, 2005

December 20, 2005 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74793#

http://www.complaints.com/directory/2005/september/8/51.htm Dear Jenlong and Manager of complaints.com After reviewing the complaint and corresponding paperwork I have come to this conclusion: After following the proper diagnostic procedure, our paperwork clearly states that your ac system high pressure switch was sending a faulty signal. (Cause of check engine light and possible cause of leak, due to high pressure in AC system which is regulated by this switch) In order to properly diagnose the system all sensors do have to be operating properly. We informed you of this and as the invoice states we would need to replace this sensor to “start” before further diagnosis could be performed. I feel badly that you do not trust my company any longer since our reputation has been so important to my family and me over the last fifty years of selling and servicing Volvo’s. And we all feel being an honest business that your customer’s can trust will lead to true success. A customer’s complaint is not something we ever take lightly, and many times results in us finding faults in our business and we use this to improve our business. Your specific experience is not the case. My review shows me we followed proper procedure and protocol. We are currently the Largest Selling Volvo retailer in the North East for 2005 and have been since 1998. We also service more Volvo’s than any other retailer in the USA. These two facts, I feel are certainly results of our honesty in the way we conduct our business and treat our customers. I also took the time to check with my Customer Service Rep. To see if you had contacted him to discuss your dissatisfaction and your name was not on our log. I’m sure if were at least given a chance to better explain you vehicle’s repair needs we could come to an agreement. And as for the Electronic Throttle Module, you should be receiving something in the mail shortly entitling you to a reimbursement for that repair. This will be done directly with Volvo Cars of NA. Sincerely, Richard J Matthews General Manager Red Bank Volvo, Inc.

September 8, 2005:

I have been driving a no-A/C for a month during this record breaking hot summer. On Aug. 2, the freon in my 2000 S70 A/C system evaporated suddenly and I lost the A/C in one day. At the same time, I smelled some stinky chemical smell. On Aug. 6, I stopped at my mechanist's garage for checking. He could not do thorough testing since I did not schedule an appointment beforehand. He suggested to recharge it with freon and see how it goes. It worked nicely after recharging for about one day and freon was gone again. I smelled the chemical again during that day. So, I realized there might be a leak on the evaporator, which would cost me a big amount of money. I called Red Bank Volvo, NJ on Aug. 12 to check for the price for budgeting purpose and found out it may cost me $1,500+. Meanwhile, I schedule a 105K miles maintenance on Aug 17 in addition to check the A/C leakage. The 105K maintenance was done well and they "diagnosed" and "found out" that a pressure switch was leaking and needed to be replaced. They did a special order for the part and I waited for the part before I can schedule for a repair. They did not informed me when the part arrived as they promised. I called them twice to find out and scheduled for repair. On Aug. 30, the pressure switch was replaced and they recommended me for a performance test on A/C to find other possible leakages. They charged me $360 for these items. I drove the car home though I still smelled the stingy chemical. In the evening of Aug. 31 (one day later) A/C was not working again and freon was totally gone. So, I took it to Red Bank Volvo, NJ again on Sept. 1 for diagnosis, and they "finally" found a "leakage" on the evaporator. I argued with their manager and he kept saying "The computer code indicated that the pressure switch is leaking and not functioning. The mechanist could not pursue any further checking if it is not working." I strongly believe that the pressure switch did not require a replacement. The computer might have provided a wrong code since the A/C system was not functioning well. My mechanist recharged the freon and it worked nicely for one day, which is exactly the same scenario like they recharged after replacing the switch and worked nicely for another day. The A/C system has been working fine except the freon evaporated rapidly. My complaint is about the process these "Volvo certified mechanists" follow. They only follow computer instructions/manuals regardless the fact of system functions. I knew the leakage could be on the evaporator since the first day. I called to check for price beforehand and mentioned to them on the day for the first diagnosis. They only read the computer code and determined it is "not working" ignoring what I told them. I refused their second repair on the evaporator because I do not trust them (by following the computer instruction) any more. I have wasted $300 for nothing and I am not going to bet on my $1,500 again. From this incident I figured out another problem happened 2 years ago which cost me $1,111 replacing the ETM and a problem with "Engine does not starts sometimes for 2 years" may link to each other (NHTSA complain#10135444). They could not figure out what the problem is for 2 years because "computer" does not tell them what to do.


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