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Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a5f154f8

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USJ Standard Chartered Bank

September 7, 2005

I`m writing in is about my house Arrear Statement problems. My A/C No. 368ssssss

Last week I went to USJ Standard Chartered Bank to find out about my House Outstanding balance, I was shock that the amount come out RM 18,029.64.

As I knew, 23/8/04 I settled all my outstanding instalment. However month of September I did not pay for one instalment. Than come month of October 12th, my house put on Auction. 13th October 04 Standard Chartered charge me Legal Fee for RM 631.50.

And more charge and charge to my account till today.

All this action and charge was not informed to me at all.

Few days back, I went to Standard Chareted at Taman Tun look for Primila and talk about my problems. She claimed that I did not change my lastest address. That`s the reason I don`t get my notic.

Well, I told her that I changed my new address since last year August 04 during I settle all my house outstanding.

I really disappointed what was happen ? I did changed my new address for Standard Chartered and Primila claims I did not change. Even though Standard Chartered did not update my new address to TKK Lawer who handle my case.

Without a notic, I did not realise the amunt become RM18029.64 !!!

Today, I`m writing here is to nego about my outstanding. I hope Standard Chartered understand about my situation & wave off charge on my account. If the charge was wave away, I would like to settle all my outstanding for my house.



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