2001 Chevrolet 2500HD

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2001 Chevrolet 2500HD

September 6, 2005

I purchased my 2001 Chevy 2500HD in October of 2001. I thought I was getting the best pick-up out there since it was the truck of the year. Boy, was I wrong. At 14,300 miles, all of the gearing in the rear end completely blew apart, leaving me stranded on the side of a lonely highway in the middle of Montana. It took two days for GM to tow my truck to the nearest dealership. I was then informed by that dealership (Ressler Motors in Bozeman, MT) that it would be several days before they could get around to it. All the while, I was stuck without a vehicle, because GM would not provide a loaner – nor would the dealership. Nine days later, I had my truck back and the problem had supposedly been repaired. Not even a month later, the rear end seized up and failed once again. This time, I had the truck taken to the Bob Faw Chevy in Big Timber, MT where I purchased it. This was in November of 2002. They informed me that the housing for the rear end components was flawed, and that was the reason for its failure. So, a whole new rear axel had to be installed. The problem: there were no rear axels available and one had to be manufactured new (this was because I had the rare 6-speed manual transmission with the 8.1 liter engine). 3 weeks passed before I was informed that the GM factory was shutting down for the holidays and would not build my rear axel until after the 1st of the year. Needless to say – I was livid! GM finally agreed to provide me with a rental vehicle – a small car. Now remember, this is the middle of winter in Montana – you can’t go anywhere in a car for all the snow. On January 30, 2003, I finally got my truck back with a new rear axel. This was not all for problems, next the throw-out bearing and the pilot bearing in my transmission went out at 23,000 miles. At 26,450 miles, the power seat on the driver side stopped working. I had a shock blow out at 31,000 miles. Just last week I took it in to the dealership because there was a recall on the emergency break system (which stopped functioning on my truck over a year ago, after my warranty had expired). While replacing the e-brake system, I was informed that both of my rear axel seals were leaking. I was seriously angered by this, especially since the rear end only had 20k miles on it. They said that GM would not cover this. It would have cost me $650 for the parts and labor. So, I took my truck right over to the Dodge dealership and traded it in. I will never by another GM product as long as I live after the horrible experience of owning the 2001 truck of the year. Ben Buffalo, WY

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