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September 5, 2005

this is a copy of the link that i filed with the BBB of Des Moines, Iowa... basically it states:

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.

Your complaint has been assigned case # 32012899.

A confirmation will be emailed to :

Please print a copy of this for your records. Filed on : June 30 2005 Filed by :


Des Moines IA 50310 Filed against :

Game Stop

11125 Plum Drive Suite D

Urbandale IA 50322 Complaint Description:

On June 3, 2005 my son purchased the video game Genma Onimusha off of the "used" game rack at the store. When we went to pay for the game, the clerk pulled the disc from behind the counter, that was located in one of the drawers in a slip cover, and put it into the cover that we pulled off of the rack. The game that we received was NOT shrink wrapped, it was open. It was NOT in new condition. It even has a few scratches on it. Even the case that it came in is obviously not a new case. According to their return policy, you can return a used game and all other OPENED products for a full refund within 7 days of purchase. We took the game back 6 days later on June 9th, for a full refund in accordance with their policy. We were told that we would not be issued a full refund because the game we purchased was "new", and that the only thing they would do for us was to buy the game off of us for $2.00. We paid $17.99 cash, for the game plus tax. Your Desired Resolution:

I want a cash refund for the full purchase price. This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. Please allow around 30 days for possible resolution. Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_48575#


9dc4ab97, 2009-01-04, 03:40AM CST

Just because a game is on the used game rack doesn't mean that it was used. There are stickers on them that will say whether a game is new or not. If there was a white sticker on it, that's new.

a9c8b06e, 2009-01-28, 10:19PM CST

They hide behind ridiculous policies:

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 11:33:02 -0600

> From: [email protected]


> Subject: Re: TellGameStop Issue (KMM4533859I15977L0KM)


> Dear Valued Customer,


> Thank you for your feedback.


> Unfortunately we will be unable to file your compliant against store

> 2666. The reason for this is because the store associate was following

> our Return/Exchange Policy. We do not allow refunds of opened new

> games, used games outside of 7 days from the date of purchase, or

> unopened new items outside of 30 days from the date of purchase.

> Exchanges will be offered for defective items up to 30 days after the

> purchase. You can review the GameStop Return Policy at anytime prior to

> the purchase, either at the front window or the register. The Return

> Policy is also printed on the receipt. We apologize for any

> inconvenience.


> Additionally, preorders must be picked up at the store in which they

> were made, because you are reserving a physical item to be ready for

> pick-up, and the store makes their orders based upon these preorder

> numbers. If everyone who preordered at every Gamestop decided to pick

> them up at one location, there would obviously not be enough to go

> around. Preorders are always refundable, and your money has not been

> lost. You simply need to visit the store where the preorder was made

> for a refund.


> If you have any further questions please respond to this email.


> Best Regards,

> Justin

> GameStop Customer Service



> Original Message Follows:

> ------------------------

> Date Received: 1/24/2009 8:19:11 PM

> Receipt Date:


> Store(Information) - Transaction number: 02666 / 01 - 018

> Feedback number: 372k7 - 3yhuj

> Comments: I wanted to get a wii for my son for Christmas. Knowing that I

> probably wouldn't be able to buy one around the holidays I started

> looking in June. I happened to get one when I found out a shipment came

> in the end of July. My friend and I both bought one. I put the wii in

> the closet and waited for Christmas, happy that the big present was out

> of the way. We spend quite a lot of money at Gamestop but after the

> customer service I encountered recently we are considering shopping

> elsewhere. When my son opened his wii he was pleased but asked if he

> could exchange it for an xbox IF we could transfer the data from our

> other xbox. So after getting conflicting information for different

> employees about transfering the data, we finally got the answer we were

> hoping for and headed to gamestop to exchange the wii for the xbox.

> However, we were told we could not exchange it (nor were we given any

> other option)due to the purchase being in July. If I could have gotten

> it in Dec. I would have and there would be no issue. I opened one remote

> to check it out becasue it looked different from our current wiis

> remote, other than that nothing had been opened. He treated me as if I

> was trying to pull something on him and pulled the "policy" card. I

> simply wanted to exchange the Christmas gift for what my son actually

> wanted. I know that there are policies butI'm also aware that policies

> have gray areas as the majority of my job is customer service. My other

> issue is I reserved the world tour at one game stop that's not by my

> house and tried to pick it up at the one by my house and was told I

> couldn't pick it up at a different store-even though I asked before I

> reserved it-so I had to pay full price and lost my reservation money. I

> need to know if something can be done. We have several other options for

> our gaming needs. We spend quite a bit of money at Gamestop monthly but

> cannot keep dealing with these issues. On a good note, until recently I

> have had a great experience with Gamestop but due to the 2 recent issues

> that now have cost me $295.62 I will be unable to spend any more money

> with your company unless these isues can be resolved. We have another

> wii, 2 ps2s,an xbox & 2 WOWers

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