Amtrak Robbery

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Amtrak Robbery

September 4, 2005

I emailed AMTRAK the following email twice and received no replies other then "canned" "We received your email......" responses. I leave it to you folks to determine for yourself just how safe travel on a FEDERALLY FUNDED Amtrak train really is. Here is the email I sent. I redacted my last name for my own safety, but I assure you, this is not a hoax. This really happened. And yes, I have contacted numerous government agencies regarding this incident.

I would like to inform your company of a situation that I think needs addressed.

On July 7th of 2005 I boarded the Coastal Starlight train in Los Angeles (Union Station) for a trip to Seattle. I had reserved my ticket(#18896451X2937) in advance via the the internet. The train was delayed 2 hours (I am assuming due to the "orange alert" issued in response to the train bombings in the U.K.) but I was not in any real hurry so I was not concerned. The trip went well until that evening. I have a very hard time sleeping in any moving vehicles so I went to the "Club Car" and got a snack and had a few drinks. I talked with the young woman that was running the register as we both watched a movie (Phantom of the opera) along with several other people. After finishing my drink I went back to my seat to try and get some sleep. This was approx. 11pm. At 3-4am (I am not sure) I was awaken by three members of the crew. They appeared to be conductors and one appeared to be a senior crew member. I was asked quite rudely to follow them. I asked why. They refused to tell me. I reiterated that I wanted to know why. They were adamant about me coming with them, so I did. When I went to grab my carry-on backpack (I never let it out of my sight when traveling), I was told to leave it. Keeping in mind the "orange alert" I did as I was told. I was led downstairs to the baggage compartment where I noticed the door outside was open and that the train was slowing down. Realizing that we were nowhere near a train station, I asked what was going on. I was told by the "senior" conductor that I was being thrown off the train. I asked why. I was told that I had "assaulted" an underage female. I denied it. I told them that the ONLY females I had spoken to were two women that were watching the movie and the woman at the register. None were "underage" as far as I could tell ( I am ASSUMING the woman serving alcoholic beverages was not a minor due to liquor laws) and I told them so. I asked them to investigate further. At this point one of them grabbed me by my arm and spun me around to face the wall. One of them grabbed my wallet from my back pocket. I told him that he had no right to take my wallet. The "senior" conductor replied "There is an orange alert. I can do anything I want." By now the train was at a complete stop. We appeared to be in a residential neighborhood. I stated that I wanted my luggage and my wallet back before I was removed from the train. I was told I could pick it all up in Seattle. I was pretty angry at this statement due to the fact that I would be without funds and identification unless I was given my belongings back. One of the conductors spoke to someone on a radio and the train started moving again. I continued to state my innocence and asked them AGAIN to inquire further into the matter. Noting that the train was moving again I began to think they would. Until all three of them began pulling me towards the open door. Since the train was now moving approx. 10-15 mph I tried to grab onto something to prevent being thrown from a MOVING TRAIN. I grabbed the small stool that is used to help people into the train in a panic. It did no good. I was thrown from the train and fell approx. 15 feet and rolled to the bottom of a rather long embankment, the stool smashing my hand against something, breaking my finger on my right hand. Turning to look at the train to see if they threw my belongings off(they didn't) I saw and heard them LAUGHING at me. I immediately got my cell phone from my belt(My untucked shirt covered it. I don't think they even realized I had one.) and called 911. I talked to a dispatcher who said an officer would be there shortly. After about 10 mins several officers responded. I related the incident to them and showed them the stool that I had grabbed in an attempt to show evidence. They contacted the train apparently and were told the same thing that I was. They said I was thrown off for assaulting a female. They then gave me some information (The responding officers name was Officer Murchie, Badge #781, Unit 1AL21 of the Sacramento Police Dept.) and told me there was nothing they could do as the train had already departed the station in Sacramento. I gave them the stool and went to find my way towards downtown. First of all, I was ROBBED by the crew of this train. Plain and simple. They took my wallet and ALL of my luggage. If I had indeed "assaulted" ANYONE, why was I not brought to the station and handed over to authorities? Because it didn't happen and there was NO victim to testify to that point. I was the one assaulted. I was thrown from the train AFTER it was moving. I was laughed at. I was humiliated. I eventually contacted a family member and had some cash wired to me. I ended up taking a Greyhound bus to Seattle. The next day I went to the Seattle baggage claim for Amtrak and was given my checked bag, my guitar and a small fanny pack that I had as carry-on. Inside the fanny pack was my CA. drivers license that WAS in my wallet. The rest of my wallet and its contents were missing. As was my backpack that was also carry-on. I was told there was no indication that it had been on the train. Quite angry, I left. As it stands, I was robbed by three Amtrak employees, assaulted and lied to. I am missing my wallet and all its contents (including a debit card, credit card, $140 cash and numerous personal items), an $80 climbing backpack which contained $600-$700 worth of music CDs, a CD player($30), a pocket knife($45), several books($25), and some imported Soundtrack CDs that were a gift for my daughter. Needless to say, I am NOT a satisfied customer. I feel the crew used the "orange alert" as cover or an excuse for the crime. I am at this time considering what to do about the situation. My options are many. The train was an interstate train, possibly bringing into light an interstate crime. The fact that national security issues were used to commit this crime may have some bearing as well. I was injured financially AND physically. At the VERY least, I was denied the transportation I PAID FOR. Please respond. If I receive no response, I will take other routes to deal with this. Sincerely,

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