Beware of Domino's Pizza delivery boys !!

Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 3918be97

Company: Beware of Domino's Pizza delivery boys !!

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Beware of Domino's Pizza delivery boys !!

September 29, 2005


I live in Delhi,India and have had very bad experiences with Domino's pizza delievery boy Yogesh kumar ,driving scooter NO.DL-9SB-9676 working in a Domino's pizza situated in Nehru Place, New Delhi apposite Nehru place bus terminal.

Yesterday (29.09.05 at 6.45 P.M) I was coming to my office and got down from the bus and moving towards the bus stop..A domino's pizza boy ,details mentioned above,was driving a scooter at a very high speed knowingly that I was walking on road footpath ,he struck the scooter at me,fortunetly ,I saved my self by moving aside.I stopped him and told him about his rough driving but he did't not listen to me and started arguing , abusing with me and at last this quarrel transformate in fight.

I loadged a complaint in Domino's pizza to its P.R.O Mr.Rakesh Kumar, he essured me that he will forward this complaint to its head office.Tomarrow,While enquire from him..he told me that their officer instruct him that they will not take any deciplinery action against this do what ever you want ??

Being an Indian citizen, I feel that I should not tolerate such type of "Gunda gardi" and should loadge a complaint in Police station about this incident and I did it.


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147c2884, 2007-10-02, 08:46AM CDT

I agree, dominos pizza quality has gone bad to worse. I had experienced this twice, there pizza contains hair in it and often it is stail.

Further when complaint is registered on there is no response, the reply is that "we are sorry and next time this will not happen" but the issue is that the "next time" never comes in dominos.

If you want to stay healthy do not eat pizza from domino and specially dominos nehru place

a0eaf04c, 2008-06-25, 09:24PM CDT

I ordered pizza and a side from domino's on Olive Ave in West palm Beach, Fl for a guest only to get the pizza and no side or any documentation of the side.

I called Domino's and still nothing so i called again to get a rude delivery driver that obviously had a long day.

It's not that serious on the fact that i didn't get my side order but that i was told that i was going to and more than willing to pay for it but with the horrid answers i received from the domino's representative, it has left a bitter taste of domino's on my tongue for life. i will most defiantly not order from them anymore or any affiliations I'm involved with on campus.

In the past this same Domino's has confused my address, given me cold pizza, and messed up my order more than three times. i am not a difficult customer nor do i yell at Domino's employees having been in customer service myself.

Enough is enough how much incompetency must one company continually perform. Next time i'm starving, i know I'll much rather walk to a different store or call Papa John's where the service in the past has always been positive...and they're located further from my house than Domino's but always manage to deliver to the correct address without complications. p.s. i live 5 blocks off the same street off the Domino's in question.

b37c7a9d, 2008-11-08, 10:27AM CST

We thought the worst part of ordering from this Dominos at 371 S Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 was the cold pizza that was delivered an hour after ordering, but NO! THE WORST PART WAS A 2" NASTY HAIR THAT WAS COOKED UNDERNEATH THE TOPPINGS! UNBELIEVABLE! This is absolutely unacceptable.

Also, the Website said they left at a certain time and they got to our place 45 minutes later! They're only 2-3 minutes away from us! The pizza and bread sticks were completely cold. Waste of money and time. The manager didn't care much about making it right either. Never ordering from Dominos again.

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