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Kazaa Plus

September 28, 2005

Gabriela Duran

Zeno Group

1055 Thomas Jefferson St.

Suite 210

Washington, D.C. 20007

Phone: +1 202.965.7809 N.B.: The above mailing address is the only one that I could locate after several Internet searches to contact Sharman Networks, the owner of Kazaa and Kazaa Plus software. It is intended for 'media enquiries" Here is what Kazaa Plus gives the customer, once purchased - taken directly from the KazaaPLus.com web site: Kazaa Plus, the premium, Ad Free version of Kazaa, is now available offering more powerful searching, additional exclusive features only available with the official Kazaa Plus and 24 hour Customer Support. On the morning of September 17, I downloaded and purchased Kazaa Plus. I waited for a confirmation e-mail which provides the code to unlock and access the software. When finally I received and entered this code, it did not work. Instead I received a strange web page citing a database run error of some kind. On September 17 and since then, I have had absolutely no problems with my computer, operating system, nor with the Internet. I contacted Kazaa customer support twice that day requesting technical help, with no response received whatsoever. I tried renewing the license in the that this would clear the Kazaa system of whatever bug. It generated another code, which resulted in the very same error as described above. I waited a day for a response from Kazaa customer support. It did not come. I immediately e-mailed customer support again and informed them that I was not receiving support in a timely manner, and could not use the purchased software license. Therefore, I demanded that Kazaa credit my credit card account immediately. On September 21, Kazaa decided finally to respond to my many enquiries with a generic set of technical support instructions. Needless to say, at this point, I was not impressed. I complained again to Kazaa, only to get the same type of generic technical response back. After a couple of days of e-mails sent and no acknowledgement of my particular situation back, I stopped e-mailing Kazaa. To this day, neither of the license codes supplied by Kazaa Plus works. Sharman Networks owns and distributes Kazaa and Kazaa Plus software. On the Kazaa web site (under "About Us"), it states the following [sic]: "About Sharman Networks Sharman Networks Limited was founded in January 2002 as a private limited company. Sharman Networks develops and markets world class Internet applications, and is the owner of Kazaa, the world’s leading seek and find application." Sharman Networks Ltd. will only allow communication via a web form, including any technical service requests. This is a huge disservice to the customer, as there is never a receipt of what the customer communicated to the company. (I guess this works in Sharman Networks Ltd.'s favour.) I made a point of keeping a copy of my communications sent, and reminded Sharman a couple of times that a record was being kept of these communications. On September 19, Sharman Networks Ltd. charged my credit account as follows: Sep 19, 2005 WWW.ALTNET.COM ALTNET.COM $35.95 I am demanding that Kazaa refund me the full amount of the US$29.95 charged on my credit card account, based on the fact that not one but two of the supplied license codes did not work, and that when I requested technical support (for which I paid in full), I did not receive appropriate nor timely assistance. If Kazaa Plus (aka, Sharman Networks Ltd.) does this, all will be forgiven and forgotten. Regards, L G

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