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Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 7f338648

Company: Regarding Appraisal Inquiry for ShopNBC Jewelry

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September 28, 2005

Purchased several rings from this company and on the most recent arrival the earrings did not look right to me. I took them to my jeweler who is GIA certified and he stated that the stones were not of the quality that was given by the host and on the web page. I am not talking about the "appraisal" as this can differ from state to state and even city to city. I am talking about a graded stone such as a diamond. Quality G-H color I1 Clarity. These stones were much worse.

I then took in 2 rings that had been purchased in the past and was told one was missing diamonds and the quality was not as stated and the other was also inaccurate.

I went back and forth with a very snippy email customer service rep. who first would not budge and then asked for me to get appraisals. I took them to a separate GIA certified jeweler, rather than my own, and they confirmed that the stones were much poorer quality than stated. This was put in writing and I paid for these reports.

I faxed all this over to their office and they offer me $49.00 back on $1,200 worth of rings. I could not get anyone to escalate this to a higher authority so I filed a complaint with the State Attorney of Minnesota for Fraud charges. I also contacted the FCC who regulates what is allowed on the air. It is fraud to advertise one thing and send another. ShopNBC responded that " we are allowed by law so many good faith errors". I also filed with the Florida Consumer Reports Division as I live in this state.

After many emails and the Consumer Division contacting ShopNBC they have agreed to refund my original amount and any fees for shipping and the cost of the appraisals.

The rings have been sent back to them via registered mail and insured and they have received them. I have yet to see any refund on my credit card. I will however pursue this until I get complete satisfaction.

Here are some links for anyone needing to get some action. First try Peter O'Toole at Customer Relations at GE Corp. as NBC is owned by this company. You may also try the public relations director of NBC itself.


www.FTC.GOV for Florida complaints

Again, this issue is handled by the Federal Trade Commission

To: Customer Service - Web; O'Toole, Peter J (Corporate);


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The above person is the one who helped me the most. Very efficient and did try hard to get this settled.They have up to 10 days to credit the account and it has not been that long yet so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hope these names and numbers help anyone else with a problem.


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