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Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by bce10375

Product: vacuums

Company: Tristar Calgary

Location: CALGARY, AB, CA

Category: Stores, Shopping

First and foremost, Tristar Calgary is a deceitful vacuum sales company. I received a phone call Saturday evening around 4:00 asking if I remembered answering a short phone questionnaire on allergies. I remembered vaguely and said "yes". The girl on the phone was excited that I remembered and said that I was selected to look at a new product and give my opinion on it. I would just have to look at the product and fill out a questionnaire - it's a product that is not sold in stores and I have not heard of it because it is new, so she said. She said something about a complete kitchen set; I would get to keep the product once I answered the questions and I wouldn't have to pay anything. She asked if I would mind helping out a student by giving my opinion on the product as that is how they get paid. She then asked if they could come by my house between 5:00 and 6:00. I would just have to listen, it wouldn't cost me a thing and I would get the free gift. It was a rainy Saturday evening and I didn't have anything to do until later on so I figured I could spare 10 - 15 minutes. So I reluctantly and suspiciously said that I would help out the student. She said not to worry, they carry ID and her manager would contact me to tell me exactly when the student would come by and give me a full description of what the student looks like. I foolishly gave them my address. I was a bit suspicious about letting someone into my home but the girl on the phone was so nice and she made everything sound legitimate. I told her that I would meet the person in the lobby as I didn't want them in my apartment and she said that would be fine as long as I was comfortable. As promised, her Manager, Brian, called to let me know that someone was available to meet with me. I said that I would meet them in the lobby and they could show me the product there. He said that was against company policy and they would only be in my home for a short while and they have ID so there's nothing to worry about. He asked me a few questions about who I live with etc. and I stupidly gave up the personal information. They were just so slick I didn't even realize what I was telling these people about myself. Within 15 minutes two people were at my door. A male in his 30's and a frail, quiet, young girl - the "student". I asked her where she was a student at and she looked at me stunned. I realized she was no poor, starving student; she was a ploy in their scheme to make people like me feel sympathy and allow them into my home. The two immediately set up shop pulling all of their equipment out. I realized that I had been duped into listening to a vacuum sales pitch - my grandmother used to get duped into buying vacuums and everyone laughed at her. I was so humiliated. However, like a complete moron, I politely listened to the presentation. I told them several times that I was in a hurry and kept asking how long it would take as it was not a short sales pitch. The guy just kept saying only 10 minutes, only 3 minutes... An hour later they were gone. But not before telling me how worthless my vacuum is and how it doesn't make sense to even use it. Their vacuum is so much better and the price is only $2900 and I could buy it for only $79.00/ month. I told them that I felt mislead by what I was told on the phone. He then got angry and said he didn't understand why customers feel that way because the company talks to us 3 separate times and we know what we were getting into. I told him the girl said I would look at a new kitchen product not a vacuum. (Along the way the guy revealed he has been selling the vacuum for 3 years - it was not a new product that I was privileged to get to look at like I was lead to believe.) I was angry and humiliated that I was suckered by these people. I'm not some stupid naive person; I watch the news and hear about these types of things. I couldn't believe how slick they were and how easily I gave out my personal information. I am very lucky that I was able to get them out of my home without incident. Be forewarned, do not let them into your home.



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a1f6adfe, 2008-03-23, 11:02PM CDT

Now I'm confused, you say that this company has scammed you, however you agreed to look at their product, so you agreed to give them your time, you did not purchase the product, so no money was exchanged, and you got a free gift for it, I don't see the scam in that

05724218, 2008-04-22, 04:10PM CDT

i used to work for tristar, they are so phony, the vacuum they sell for $2498 is actually bought from the manufacturer for around $900.00, and the cheapest they will sell it to you for is $1698.00, after negotiating the price for an hour, dont be fooled it is good but you can own it all for $1698.00

dc94390d, 2008-05-19, 03:15PM CDT

I'm also in Calgary and had the Tristar demonstration. The gift is was a $0.99 set of knives from the dollar store.

When I offered the salesman $100 for the vacuum he put me on the phone with his manager who said he'd do the cheapest price of $1900, and used every pressure tactic known to salesmen. This manager wouldn't even give me a contact number to reach him, which was suspicious to say the least.

The presentation used the term 'mite feces' repeatedly, even when it was blatantly incorrect.

Long story short Tristar is a scam, tell them to take you off their call list.

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