UCLA Medical Center billing department

Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by bd2190aa

Company: UCLA Medical Center billing department

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UCLA Medical Center billing department

September 27, 2005

They took my account to a collection agency after the settlement. They also sent me the bill for the co-payments that had already been paid. They do that every time I use their medical service. But I always pay the co-payment at site because they told me to. Even I called in, left hundreds of messages and hundreds of letters with the all the receipts to stop it, they still billing me something that's already paid. Am I too overwhelmed if I think it's harassment.



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90a5d083, 2010-09-21, 09:50AM CDT

I am getting monthly bills.. I call each time I receive a bill.. explaining that I have an HMO policy and that the billing is incorrect. I have been told that a Mgr. will be contacting me to get more information. No call from a Mgr. just another bill the following month. Not only is this effecting my health, the emotional level is over the top.... Having no health insurance is a hazard, and having UCLA insurance is a hazard as well........

1f02e1d0, 2011-08-31, 11:43AM CDT

Agreed with all the complaints. UCLA had sent me billing even I already cancelled the doctor visit. I PAID the bill since they said they didnot receive the cancellation. I sent the check to the UCLA Medical Center billing dept, now the USCB has been calling me. What the F@##!

UCLA, what is going on with your organization?!

a064dc45, 2012-12-07, 12:59AM CST

The same thing happened to me. They just divided up my chemotherapy and radiation bills into a few months time to pay. Since I had cancer at the time, I was trying to work as much as I can to pay the bills. They sent my bills in a matter of months , with no remorse or working out a deal, in order to sell my account to a collections agency: CMRE Collections agency. UCLA apparently has taken these actions as a FOR PROFIT form or capitalism in the health field. They saved my life but the system is very unethical.

amarendra b., 2013-02-21, 11:44AM CST

Here is my experience with UCLA billing department. I send them this e-mai to resolve this issue and got a letter from collection agency. I made an appointment for a consultation for my heart condition with Dr. Fujimora. Upon arrival before seeing Dr. Fujimora an EKG was done. When the doctor Fujimora arrived he told me I am with a wrong doctor, he is like an electrician and I need a Plumber. He took me to front desk, wrote cancel on my file and told me he cancel my appointment and I do not have to pay anything. I should make an appointment with cardiologist for this issue. Date of service 01/10/2012 for a total of ($289.00 - $ 138.72 Ins Payment) = $150.28. I think as I was not treated for the visit and Doctor cancelled the appointment and told me I do not have to pay for the visit I should not get any invoice.

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