UCLA Medical Center billing department

Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by bd2190aa

Company: UCLA Medical Center billing department

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UCLA Medical Center billing department

September 27, 2005

They took my account to a collection agency after the settlement. They also sent me the bill for the co-payments that had already been paid. They do that every time I use their medical service. But I always pay the co-payment at site because they told me to. Even I called in, left hundreds of messages and hundreds of letters with the all the receipts to stop it, they still billing me something that's already paid. Am I too overwhelmed if I think it's harassment.



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90a5d083, 2010-09-21, 09:50AM CDT

I am getting monthly bills.. I call each time I receive a bill.. explaining that I have an HMO policy and that the billing is incorrect. I have been told that a Mgr. will be contacting me to get more information. No call from a Mgr. just another bill the following month. Not only is this effecting my health, the emotional level is over the top.... Having no health insurance is a hazard, and having UCLA insurance is a hazard as well........

1f02e1d0, 2011-08-31, 11:43AM CDT

Agreed with all the complaints. UCLA had sent me billing even I already cancelled the doctor visit. I PAID the bill since they said they didnot receive the cancellation. I sent the check to the UCLA Medical Center billing dept, now the USCB has been calling me. What the F@##!

UCLA, what is going on with your organization?!

a064dc45, 2012-12-07, 12:59AM CST

The same thing happened to me. They just divided up my chemotherapy and radiation bills into a few months time to pay. Since I had cancer at the time, I was trying to work as much as I can to pay the bills. They sent my bills in a matter of months , with no remorse or working out a deal, in order to sell my account to a collections agency: CMRE Collections agency. UCLA apparently has taken these actions as a FOR PROFIT form or capitalism in the health field. They saved my life but the system is very unethical.

amarendra b., 2013-02-21, 11:44AM CST

Here is my experience with UCLA billing department. I send them this e-mai to resolve this issue and got a letter from collection agency. I made an appointment for a consultation for my heart condition with Dr. Fujimora. Upon arrival before seeing Dr. Fujimora an EKG was done. When the doctor Fujimora arrived he told me I am with a wrong doctor, he is like an electrician and I need a Plumber. He took me to front desk, wrote cancel on my file and told me he cancel my appointment and I do not have to pay anything. I should make an appointment with cardiologist for this issue. Date of service 01/10/2012 for a total of ($289.00 - $ 138.72 Ins Payment) = $150.28. I think as I was not treated for the visit and Doctor cancelled the appointment and told me I do not have to pay for the visit I should not get any invoice.

George K., 2014-07-15, 11:14AM CDT

I now have to deal with UCLAs medical billing since my Endocrinologist chose to go under the umbrella of UCLA health from his private practice. As he said, they made him an offer he could not refuse. What a nite mare dealing with UCLA. Issues take weeks and even months to sometimes not get resolved and phone calls promised are never returned. I just got a years worth of billing in the mail for a billing problem I discussed with UCLA over a year ago. Nothing in the interim. No phone calls, no letters and no explanation. Just a huge bill that will be hard for me to pay being on a fixed income. I think it is time for me find another Endocrinologist Not with UCLA

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