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September 25, 2005

I’ve noticed that token booth agents are not above scamming the public if they can get away with it. Two typical scams when you a a metrocard that has, let’s say, $2.00 left on it, so you give the token booth agent an additional $4.00 to add to it. The clerk either gives you a new card and claims the old card had nothing on it. You scan the new card and you see that the total amount is only the $4.00 you gave to the agent. The second scam is when you say to the clerk to add, let’s say $4.00 to the existing card, you hurriedly pull the four dollars from your wallet (which you count) and the agent says something like, “how much do you want on the card? You tell him, and he say he needs another $2.00 or $1.00 because you did not give him the full $4.00. Typically, he will throw up his hands so that you can see the evidence on the counter is only $3.00 or $2.00, depending on his audacity. In the meantime, while distracting you, he “accidentally” drops a bill or two to the floor where he can retrieve it later. These are not accidents. They are the deliberate scams of the low-life scum that the Transit Authority sees fit to hire.

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676dd657, 2010-07-08, 05:32PM CDT

I had a run-in with one today. I'm a senior citizen and asked for round trip senior. He asked if I had ID and I gave him my driver's license. He said that was unacceptable so I had to pay the full price. Driver's licenses are acceptable for the federal govt., then why not for the MTA????

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