Viking Appliances are Junk!

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by aea16430

Company: Viking Appliances are Junk!

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Viking Appliances are Junk!

September 25, 2005

Viking Appliances


Two and one half years ago, my husband and I moved into our dream home. It took us 4 years to build and will be the last home we own. We outfitted our kitchen with $19,000 worth of Viking appliances: Refrigerator/freezer, gas cooktop, electric wall oven, dishwasher, trash compactor.

None of the appliances work as well as I would expect for such a high cost, and many of them have required repeated service calls. For example, the wall oven takes about 1/2 hour to heat up to 350 degrees and its self cleaning feature is virtually worthless.

The refrigerator makes ice only sporadically and its drain line has already plugged a couple of times.

After about a year, some of the burners on the gas cooktop stopped lighting. I replaced one of the igniters on the gas cooktop and now the other one is gone!

The dishwasher does a mediocre job, and I find that I must rinse all of the dishes thoroughly before placing them in the dishwasher in order for them to come clean.

The worst appliance of the bunch has been the trash compactor. Service calls began on this baby from about our first month of ownership. First, the handle broke and it was replaced with a new, redesigned handle. Then, the plastic tub that holds the trash bag was being crushed by the unit. Again, the tub was replaced with a redesigned version. Then, I cut my finger to the bone on a piece of sharp metal that is one of two very sharp, exposed pieces of metal on the lid that covers the bag storage compartment. (Be careful of this poor design feature!) This necessitated a trip to the emergency room and stitches. My finger still hurts to this day when I bend it. Then, the unit would only complete half a cycle when compacting trash. The repair man said that it was unlevel and that he fixed it. Finally, the unit stopped working altogether. The repairman said that the levelling legs were both broken and he would have to call Viking! All of this on a unit that is less than 3 years old.

My husband threatens to rip all of the appliances out, but our kitchen was built around these appliances, with custom, grain-painted cabinets and granite countertops. I really hate to start from scratch and don't feel that I should have to, given the amount I paid for these appliances.

My advice -- stay as far away as possible from Viking! I have heard nothing but complaints about their products and I get the impression that they do not back up their dealers when there is a problem.

Pam S.

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0047a29f, 2007-11-30, 11:52PM CST

I also own a Viking Trash compactor (retail $1800.00). I have had the rails on the drawer replaced after ball bearings started falling on the floor. Now, about a year later, the rails need to be replaced again. The cost to do this for parts and labor? $1200.00!

I think I'll buy another brand for 1/2 the cost to repair this one!

bafcbd60, 2008-01-11, 12:33PM CST

I also have an expensive two year old kitchen outfitted with viking appliances. I'm with your husband in that I'm ready to rip them out and replace them especially when the knob to the oven fell off in my hands with the part that attatches it to the stove. The repair company is so backed up that they can't come for 21/2 weeks. STAY AWAY FROM VIKING! That is the advice I give everyone I know.

3ede8498, 2008-03-28, 12:00PM CDT

I agree completely. My viking trash compactor is a piece of trash, pun intended. Needs service calls every year and now the handle has broken locking hte trash in.

bc548ef4, 2008-05-15, 06:03PM CDT

All of my four viking appliances are junk! I have had numerous service calls on the range and the micro hood and now the dishwasher is broken. They are all 13 months old! SAVE yourself the headache and buy another brand!

104cb546, 2008-12-24, 09:40AM CST


f681a931, 2009-02-26, 09:03PM CST

I wish I would have started this site about 5 years ago!! All the problems you have encountered, we have also. The time to heat the ovens ridiculous! And the fans on the ovens! You can't hear yourself think! I cook tenderloin in a 500 oven for about 14 minutes. Well, not any more! The ovens will not reach and maintain the high temperature.

My refrigerator freezes everything that sits on the left side, the top two shelves and the produce drawers. An insulation tubing was inserted that helped, but didn't eliminate the problem.

Our under-the-counter refrigerator has frozen everything 2 days in a row! We awoke to the sound of soda bottles exploding. We have had that unit worked on as well.

And, of course, after the warranty, forget it!

A couple of years ago, we went with friends to a home show in St. Louis. The Viking display was huge and they had the big guns there. My husband wanted to say something in front of all the unknowing consumers, but I wouldn't let him!! I was afraid if he let loose, he'd end up in jail. But come to think about it, that's just the place where comments should be made! Perhaps rolling in a couple of their terrible appliances and dropping them off for everyone to see maybe that would get their attention. VIKING APPLIANCE OWNERS UNITE!!!!!

603926ec, 2009-06-15, 02:25AM CDT

i have viking appliances which i bought in 2005. the viking refrigerator has been fixed no less than once per year and now the door can not be used because it is literally falling off! the experience has been a nightmare! the freezer consantly leaks water. viking customer service is horrible!!!! one lady at customer service named michele actually told me my door broke cause i do not know how to properly open a refrigerator door!

29a287b9, 2009-08-05, 01:05PM CDT

I too put Viking appliances in my dream home. We moved in around April of 2002. Buying Viking was a very big mistake. I have had problems with the oven, the downdraft, and the refrigerator. Today, my refrigerator door was repaired because of a "it may fall off" recall. The repair itself is poorly designed. The door pops when it closes. I called the repair company but the repairman won't come back to fix it today. So, I will have to take another day off of work. I thought I bought top of the line appliances. I thought wrong. Maureen H.

174d7785, 2009-11-17, 06:30PM CST

I have a Viking Stove/oven. I love it! It has never failed me. The refrigerator however is the worst!. I have owned it four years and a major part has broken down. I called to have it fixed. They came out and the part that needs repaired is, of course, not under warranty. Viking did agree to pay for the part but not the labor. The part cost them nothing. So, I am paying for the labor as well as all of the food I had to throw away. I also have a problem with all the my items on the top shelf of my viking freezing. The part to fix that problem is $130.00. My vegetable drawer also freezes all of my vegetables. So out of the six shelves that I have, I am able to use about four.

c801f9c5, 2010-07-10, 12:54PM CDT

You are son right. Myh expensive wine cooler has been broken since April waiting for parts covered under the warranty. Their customer service department should be called no customer service since they don't do anything for their customers. The runaround you get from their distributors and repair people should be totally unacceptable.

c801f9c5, 2010-07-10, 01:11PM CDT

I agree with you. My wine cellar is sitting in my kitchen because we cannot get the parts needed to repair it from Viking under a warranty. This has been going on since April of this year.

42ba347c, 2010-10-21, 07:31PM CDT

My Viking dishwasher's door started to make a grinding sound when being opened or shut within a week of the dishwasher's installation. In the second week several chunks of black, rubber-like material fell out of the door. I notified Viking's warranty office, and a representative was sent out. He was unable to fix the problem. His report to Viking resulted in him being sent back to my house to take pictures of the dishwasher. Nothing further was done. Calls to Viking have gone unanswered. Viking, clearly, does not care about its customers and is not interested in honoring warranty on the crap they sell. DO NOT BUY VIKING! You have been warned.

751cfd5d, 2010-11-22, 11:54AM CST

My comments on Viking are all the same.

Complete Junk and horrible customer service. I bought $12,000 of outdoor appliances including a $2800 under counter frig, grill, warming drawer and accessories. I bought Viking because I wanted top of the line and bit the bullet on the price. The mini frig had an ice maker and it closed with a magnet that didn't seal the door so I had condensation and mold around the casing. The door had cheap inserts and everytime I opened the door the bottles would push against the inserts and the inserts would pop off and the bottes would go flying including glass.

The ice maker didn't have a filter and the ice tasted like dirt. My gas grill is a whole series of problems with the latest being that the warming grate is made out of chrome which is toxic and the cooking grates and surrounding parts are all rusting. Viking has a life time guarantee on rust, but only if it rusts all the way thru. What a joke. How am I supposed to cook raw food on rusted material? I can only warn other people to not waste their money on high end appliances. They are just not worth it. I threw out a 22 year old Kitchen Aid double oven, that I had no problems with and even my Wolf oven has been repaired several times. The only difference is Wolf has great customer service.

acbef47d, 2010-11-29, 05:07PM CST

I just hung up with Viking Corporation. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY VIKING APPIANCES AGAIN. !!!!!!!! Their expensive built in fridges require me to drain the condensation pan every two weeks because some models did not come with condensation pan heaters like refrigerators costing 1/5 their prices. Incredible !!!

1bf21465, 2012-06-27, 11:13AM CDT


I couldn't agree more. I too outfitted my entire kitchen in 2004 with $20,000 worth of all new Viking appliances (the worst purchase of my life) and have had nothing but problems. Many of the same you've mentioned and more. My ice maker alone has had to be repaired 6 times (at my expense) as well as the cooktop ignitors replacement, etc., etc. The products are a nightmare and the company will not stand behind anything. I would love to warn as many people as possible to stay as far away as possible from Viking. If I could afford to start over, I certainly would.

Debra J. West Hills, CA.

cb59fde6, 2012-07-13, 03:53PM CDT

we don't care about you you can fuck off.

29530d1a, 2013-07-18, 10:24AM CDT

Installed Viking 6 burner range, refrigerator and dishwasher in 2004 refrigerator crapped out in 3 years would not be fixed but was replaced by warranty with a built-in GE monogram ,dish washer has never worked right and range convection fan went out within the first year also the range takes about an hour to pre-heat oven to 350 would never buy Viking again!

patrick s., 2013-08-29, 10:53AM CDT

So much the same here... 20,000$ on a full set of Viking Kitchen appliances :

- Side by side fridge, always full of frost inside the freezer and refrigerator clogging the fan. Have to empty the drain pan weekly or else it floods the floor. That's a 3 year old,9000$ fridge we're talking about. I have a 400$ one in the garage that works just fine and it's 15 years old. Had to change the fan and the door seals.

- Wall oven. Takes 30 minutes to heat to 350. Takes 30 minutes to shut off. Doesn't always trun off using the knob. Have to shut it off by closing the breaker in the basement. Clock never worked there timer is useless.

- Wine cooler...2500$ and after 3 years, the compressor broke. Had it fixed by repairman recommended by Viking. The guy came twice. Part was under warranty but had to pay labor. The repair never worked and cooler still does not function. Repairman doesn't know why.

The only appliance I don't have problems with is the gas stove... I expect it to break down soon so I 'll get a perfect 4 out of 4. NEVER, EVER BUY VIKING. I wrote a letter to customer service AND to the company President. I was surprised they replied in writing. Their letter basically said, sorry for the inconvenience. Find a guy and get them repaired. Good luck. Fuck you ! Thank you.

So please trust us when we say, DO NOT BUY VIKING PRODUCTS. They may look good but appliances that are 1/8th of the price usually do the job 100% better, longer and are more reliable. VIKINK - Not worth your hard earned money. Not worth the hassles.

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