Wal-Mart - Wal-Mart - Ottawa, Kansas store - bad attitude, poor customer service, disrespect for privacy and the elderly

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 17a32657

Company: Wal-Mart

Location: OTTAWA, KS, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

Ottawa, Kansas store....stay away unless you enjoy being treated badly! Some shopping experiences positive...many are not. Manager's seldom take complaints about customer service seriously so corrections can be made. Some examples: checkers seldom load carts with purchases unless ask...get mad at the customer often and show it openly. Many personnel complain about the management so it is widely known within the community just how negative this store can be. Just today I aired my complaint to a store asst., manager and it ended up being a shouting match with his full participation. The manager got openly and abusive to me in my estimation and clearly did not respect my point of view. As I started to leave I saw him make a face at me and give the popular finger expression. I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN FOR GOD'S SAKE! I'm usually easy to get along with until someone asks for very personal and private information in front of other customers. Wal-Mart use (abuse) to want all sorts of personal information when you picked up a prescription (name, ss#, dob, address) in front of all sorts of customers. Many times I have had my medication named and discussed in front of other customers until the HIPPA law came about. Pharmacy now is quite good and respects me as a human being. The history of Ottawa Wal-Mart has a way of invading your personal life and have openly gone too far (SS#, age, sex, and character ) especially when a new employee is waiting on you...I'm tired of it. One never knows how confidentiality is maintained...this store goes through employees like they have an abundance of applicangts in this 11,000 populated town. This stores attitude is arrogant, self serving and disregards privacy from top to bottom. It is not friendly, one seldom gets a hello at check out and never, never a thank you! I have complained numerous times about this to the store manager without one single success. There must be a total disconnect. This store actually behaves and thinks it is ok to disrespect a customer and to get away with it. It is widely known that Wal-Mart Company is sued often for some type of human service problems, promotions and unfair labor practices. Is it just all about greed now that they have a strong hold on small communities? The high point of all my visits to this store was to buy something at the deli and being told I would have to buy a plastic fork for a dime in order to eat it in their coffee shop...this I understand was the store managers thought process and should describe fully my point of frustration. Is there a good reason why this behavior and treatment of customers let alone employees goes on and on, and is allowed to? Is Wal-Mart so big and so smug that they can get away with their mindless disrespect of people forever and ever? Please, someone out there give me an explanation. I'm not excited about being a senior citizen and growing older...I deserve respect...Wal-Mart Ottawa abuses and abuses. Does the elder treatment law in Kansas have any teeth? Does any other agency have the willingness to address this? This elder does not need the humiliation and disrespect? Feel free to forward this complaint to anyone who can listen and help out. L. B


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d48abe2e, 2008-02-22, 12:17PM CST

Wouldn't say it's just Walmart in Ottawa, I actually use to work at that store and sadly enough it shines golden compared to the one I work at now. My personal opinion, Walmart says customers are our number 1 priority, but that's just after making sure Walmart makes money first. And if the associates aren't very friendly, look at it from our point of view, we get paid crappy, management expects us to do more than they hired us for, and they only focus on negative things. There is nothing positive about Walmart.

3d4a3b07, 2008-07-26, 12:45PM CDT

wow, I was in from out of town and was looking up info so i could go have tires put on my van, and a tune up with front end alignment done at this store, BUT after reading this I think I'll just wait till I get back home and give my service to the little shop in my area where I KNOW I'll get treated right. Terrible that one human can't respect another human ya know? Anyways glad to see this posted so I don't waste my time going to this store.

2181a6e7, 2008-08-09, 02:19PM CDT

I am just verifying the statement! I have been in retail for a very long time. I was always taught and told by my manager to to treat people with respect. Keeping that in mind I always tried to treat people the way I would like to be treated until now. I don't work for Wal-Mart directly I was a supplier. The employees were told by their manager they could be rude and nasty to all supplier and he would not do a thing to them. I heard the same complaint from suppler after supplier...My question is is the truly a corporate decision or just a power hungry person..One has to think to themselves. Is this the actions of the whole company or just a few lose cannons. Wal-Mart does give out thousands & thousands of dollars. But why is this good will not passed on the the stores.

8e17f10a, 2010-02-01, 10:34PM CST

I know what you mean they are to be a friendly store and there are people in there that need to throwed out with the trash. There is one women there that needs that I don't aqnat to name her I wish I could.they need to do more drug test not just one when you are hired either. I am sorry that you were mis treated then do need to do something but I guess they think that the doors will never close. A lot of times I go to lawrence because there are only two stores there. It is sad that we have to go down this road. And when you need someone where are they? not doing thier job correctly because I ahve to go way back to the back to get what I want they are suppose to front everything and not just once a day. I wish we had a different store that will run walmart another direction. Walmart you are suppose to be fot the people and we fell differently. You have a camera on if people steal things why not check out your employees?

f50de185, 2012-07-09, 10:34AM CDT

And now this store seems to have a trend of allowing small pet dogs in the shopping carts and grocery shop with their owners. Yesterday I was shopping and this women came in with a small pet dog on a leash and it was barking at the customers and nobody did anything about it. I contacted the manager and was told that is could have been a working animal. BS, since when are working animals smaller than a rabbit and since when do working animals bark at everyone that walks by??? DISCUSTING!!!

I won't be shopping at our local walmart anymore!!

acc22232, 2013-03-09, 03:55PM CST

As a previous employee of this store I will make one point very clear to all customers of this store. All complaints brought up are legitimate and no management does nothing, BUT, et us look at the way things work at this store. Management keeps the store understaffed on purpose to preserve his bonuses, the staff is overworked and underpaid, one person can do only so much as one person, customers come in with attitude and take it out on staff, that is the top of the list. Walk a mile in the shoes of the staff and then see how your thought process will be effected. It depends on what person your are complaining about that will determine if anything is done. Then you have someone like me that management already did not like me so when a customer came up to check out and they were already mad, the customer felt the need to go home make something up to compain about then call the store and lie and I was terminated. There are just as many rude customers at that strore as there are rude staff. NO ONE treats people the way they should anymore. The walmart experience as an employee is oppressive. It is like going back to High School all over again. The drama level is rediculous. HAVE compassion for humanity because walmart does not. The management is the reason the store is the way it is. QUIT taking it all out on the staff.

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