EDINBURG, TX Restaurant

Posted on Saturday, September 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 47f7d343

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EDINBURG, TX Restaurant

September 23, 2005

This is a complaint over a local Edinburg restaurant, Casa del Taco. While we were starting to eat our meal I saw there was a roach crawling on the wall next to our table. We told the waitress and she sent the manager to our table. By that time the roach had move to the next table behind us and the manager killed the roach with a rag right there next to the food! To our surprise she did not apologized to us nor the customers behind us. Obviously we didn't continued eating our meal and figured we wouldn't be charged. I asked for the owner and was told that he never goes to the restaurant and that there was no number he could be contacted with. When we approached the manager she asked, "will it be together or separate?" We were shocked and I told her we were not planning on paying our meal since we didn't finished eating it (we had just started eating...we can say we didn't even eat anything) and simply because of the fact that there was a roach in our table. She said all she could do was give us a 10% discount since the roach was "not in our food" but was "just on the side". I asked for the owner number again and she said she would give it to us after we paid our ticket. We paid for our "meal" and I called the "Casa del Taco" restaurant in Mcallen since supposeably thats where the owner was at that time. The worker told me the owner had left...I asked what time would he be returning back so I could talk to him. She said he was not returning back for the day...I asked what time he would be there the following morning and she said, "he left..he is not coming back tomorrow either". Was the owner, Sergio Lincan avoiding us? The manager had made a telephone call after the incident happened. Had she contacted the owner to let him know we wanted to talk to him? Obviously yes and now we might know the reason why. It's not the first time something like this happens at this restaurant. Fellow students told us they had experienced the same situation at this particular restaurant. A student told us she had found a fly and a roach in her food!! We found out its nothing new in this restaurant...to my surprise a friend of mine considered it one of the best restaurants in Edinburg...well not anymore!!

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