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September 22, 2005

I went thru the bbb, to get some help they suggest I seek a lawyer. I had an account with this for about a year and 6 months.

First of all,

the had built the computer wrong. then they had made arrangements to charge me a smaller amount since the dell 5150 did not come with a cd burner.

I try for about 6 months to get incontact with a live person. No all the emails come back and still they are taking out of my checking account. When ask to have a list of payments they don't do that.

I really beleive this company is a fraud. they take and take and they still are running up in buiness. I cant beleive the type of buiness they do.

I may have bad credit but I will not stand to be taken advantage of. and this company should be reviewed by the federal trade commision. I will now take action with them as of today. Septermeber 23, 2005

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