complaint about A.W.T.

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complaint about A.W.T.

September 20, 2005

Close to about two years ago my daughter and I went to a Best western for a modeling try out. AWT was there recruiting people for there program. They said that they wanted my daughter to go through their work shops and training to become an actress or model. We went through all the shops and classes, pictures and voice over. I ended up paying over $700.00 we were supposed to get referrals for jobs, a profile with head shots, and a tape for voice over try outs. We in return got a cassette tape with a lady telling my daughter what she needs to change about herself to become a successful actress and a cd with some pictures that were taken of her by

AWT. (I could have taken better pictures with a disposable camera.)

The phone number that they gave for us to contact them with any questions was a shared number with a few other companies. They never gave an address either. so we are out $700.00 and a little girls dreams! I couldn't even

think to put a price on those! I just heard a commercial on the radio that

this company is here in Missoula, Mt. I don't want anyone else's child to go through what my daughter went through. This crushed her! My daughter is a very beautiful and intelligent young lady, she was in 5th grade when this happen to us. yours truly

A very concerned parent


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