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Posted on Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 8b5e6547

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CigArrest Complaint

September 2, 2005

I strongly discourage anyone from doing business with CigArrest. I ordered their product with the 30 day guarantee that if I wasn't satisfied I could cancel with no further obligation. I placed the original order on June 3, 2005 and before the 30 days was up, CigArrest took it upon themselves to charge my credit card an additional $227.55. I immediately called the company on the 6th of July to cancel everything, and was told that as soon as I returned the product I would receive my refund. I did everything like they asked, refused the product unopened at the post office and sent it back immediately. Needless to say, as of September 2, 2005, no refund. I am told repeatedly to call back the following week, and that a 'rush' is going to be put on the account for the refund to take place. I asked for the customer service representative's supervisor, only to be told they were unavailable. I then asked to be transferred to the accounting department and was told that the customer service rep. didn't do transfers. I told the customer rep that I was filing a complaint with the BBB, (which I did--it is and I also filed a dispute through my credit card company. Oh, I also asked for the president of CigArrest's name and was told by the customer rep. they didn't know it and to just send my complaint to the CigArrest address, attention to no one in particular. This company is borderline, if not all out, fraudulent in its business practices. Anyone considering doing business with them BEWARE!!!

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32ea67cb, 2007-11-05, 09:29AM CST

I want to thank all the people that complained. I recently ordered the 30 day supply for the 3.00 S.& H. of the ciggarrest. The 3.00 was deducted from my account.I did receive the product, however, just like the rest of the complaints, I got a 90 day supply. When I called the company to tell them I got a 90 day supply, they said to send back what I don't use, and to call and cancel the order in a month, and send the unused portin back.

I did'nt feel right about this,so I did'nt use any of it.I wrapped it back up, ready to send back on the day I was to call and just cancel. On that day I got back on the web, and discoved all the complaints. Thanks to all the info I got from other complaintents, I went to my bank and closed out my exsisting account, and opened a new one before they got a chance to take anymore money out.

Now I have a 90 day supply. Their loss! I only ordered a 30 day, and I don't have to pay for something I did'nt order. Wish me luck, cause now I will try it!!!! For you who would really like to try cigarrest, they sell it in the drug store!!!!!

a37b473b, 2007-11-09, 02:16PM CST

I've had the same thing happen to me. I asked if they were serious about charging over $200 for gum, multi-vitamins, and homeopathic pills. Um it's a very effective quit smoking process. Um no it's a very effective rip off is what it is. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CIGARREST. Try SmokeAway, they won't take your money.

2e67cbee, 2008-02-21, 02:18PM CST

I totally agree with you because i too was a victim of lies. The commercial said free. I didnt say anything about being free and then we will take your money when we get ready. Just yestarday 2/21/08 i find out that i have a hold on not 1 but 2 $59.99 payments on my credit card from cigarrest. when i called a female answered and she acted as if she was not concerned for what i was talking about concerning my money. I hung up on her. The next day being today 2/21/08 i called again, and asked the guy that answered why the hold was on my card. He replied:Well you have to pay for the product you i told him:well then it wasnt free.Then he proceeded to say that the first month was free and i got a 3 month supply. they really are getting over on people and something needs to be done about it.they got me for $118.00 that i did not have to give to them because i am unemployed and they took that out of my weekly benifits. They dont know and apparently dont care how they're digging into peoples pockets(really without permission) affects that person. and for they're actions with my money my bills for the week are unpaid.I will be contacting the BBB to see what can be done. I also advise people not to deal with this program because it is very fraudulent. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

f224584c, 2008-02-19, 07:02PM CST

To all you people out there that are complaining about Cigarrest ripping you off and then are canceling credit cards and keeping the product or just straight lying about having the product at all. You have no right to complain about anyone being ripped off. You want something for nothing and thats not right you want what they are offering but you just dont want to pay.

8a8112c7, 2008-03-11, 04:44PM CDT

I fully agree with all that have been scamed by them. I too am a victim and I had also noticed that the product that they had sent me was exspired by three(3) years. Of course the company denies this and thold me just to return the unused product. Guess what they're getting it all back. Beware consumers.

94642c63, 2008-05-15, 07:22AM CDT

I agree with everyone on here. I too got the 90 days and charged it on my Walmart Pre-Paid card. They just tried to get $99.00 off it..well guess what. I don't have it and I'm NOT going to reload. It's not that I wanted the program for free it's THEY say it's free and then sock ya big time. And as I set here smoking my cig i'll just keep looking at the box that says Cigarrest and try something else.

8a939103, 2008-05-22, 04:43PM CDT

I am having the same problem. I ordered the 30 day free supply and they not only took the shipping from my credit card but dollared me for other things. Now they took 99.85 out. I am sending mine back also because it does not work for me and my whole body swells up. I have to stop them from taking more money out. It states 30 day free trial and i was informed that under the cc # it says you get a 60 day supply. He promised I would get a full refund. We have to stop this fraud, there is just to much of it these days.

0b2935a4, 2008-06-05, 04:46PM CDT

I just went to buy food for my kids. I was in the neg. by 27 dollars. After calling the bank I was told that Ciggarrest took 2 payments out of 99.98 dollars. I then called ciggarrest and asked them why. They then told me that I had to pay for 60 day supply. I told them that I was unaware of this transaction. I explained that when the lady called me she did not inform me of this but offered me a additional free supply but it would have to go under someone else name so I said my husband but to charge to my account. So now they are taking 4 months of supply from my bank. I have called the bank. I will be sending the items back by UPS.

eea28ebe, 2008-07-09, 10:52AM CDT

omg we order the product also they said the first 30 day was only $3.00 then call before the month is up and cancel so we did before the month was up then on july 4th 2008 we noticed we were -228.00 in the bank so we called same thing they said to us as they said to all of you and they said you can't talk to a superviser they have to call you back yea right that never happens so we are putting a claim in on our bank these people need to be stop before there are more people getting screwed by there fraud we all need to get together and report them asap

3cb464ee, 2008-07-15, 10:16AM CDT

I just got off the phone w/ mgr. from CigArrest. They have taken a total of $273 out of my account, plus since I didn't now it was being taken out I got charged $75 for NSF from my bank. In this day and age when gas and food is on the rise, I can't believe there's still companies out there willing to screw over the public. UNITED States-my ass. No where on their website was a place to print a receipt nor did it say how much was going to be taken out. As far as I knew it was just $6.95 in shipping. When I first called and asked to speak to a mgr, the rep told me there's no way they can transfer me to a mgr. How many of you are going to believe that. Are their mgr in a totally different building across the country. Even if they are they could still transfer customers to them. They are nothing but liars, manipulators that prey on people trying to quit smoking. Please,if you're thinking about ordering from them, read these other comments and hopefully it will make you rethink your decision before you order. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY. Ask your doctor's advice for other stop smoking aids or just go buy something at your local drug store, before you too lose hundreds of dollars!!!!

f3a057eb, 2008-07-29, 12:26AM CDT

I've had this sort of thing happen with other businesses. You don't have to cancel your account, what you have to do is call your bank or cc company and do a chargeback for an unauthorized transaction. This happened to me with a company and I won the case and got my money returned along with any fees I accrued due to the unauthorized charge. They also provide you with a new card and number and cancel the old one so the company can't continue to do this to you. Sorry this is happening to all of you!! Good Luck and the more of us that start standing up for our rights, the less scam artists there will be.

d1513b54, 2008-08-03, 09:39AM CDT

I also took advantage of their special offer for a 30 day supply for only $6.95 and received a 90 day supply with a note that I would be charged monthly for the extras - didn't say how much. I called, was given a number, and when I complained I was offered a "discount." Told them to cancel the account. Most states offer protection against this type of fraud. Here's the Florida statute:

2. 570.545 f.s.

Score: 86.6% Abstract: 570.545 Unsolicited goods; no obligation on part of recipient. --When unsolicited goods are delivered to a person, the person may refuse delivery of the goods, or, if the goods are delivered, the person is not obligated to return the goods to the sender. If unsolicited goods are either addressed to or intended for the recipient, they shall be deemed a gift and the recipient may use or dispose of them in any manner without obligation to the sender.

Thanks for the gift, CigArrest!

b622126a, 2008-08-04, 06:34PM CDT

ordered the cigarrest for my husband before I even received it I got a call from my bank. Apparenty their we about 10 or more charges from cigarrest from $1.00 to $5.00. the bank was concerned since some fraudence companies do this to see if it gets noticed before they hit you with a big amount. I believe they said it was called fishing. I was told it would be best to close out that credit card and not have any further contact with that company. my bank refunded me all the small amounts that cigarrest had deducted from my account. I consider myself very lucky that it only cost me a little inconveince and not alot of money.

9aeef234, 2008-08-07, 02:27PM CDT

I agree!!! I just became the newest victim of the scam. Never once was I told I would be charged for an additional 60 day supply. I was told I would get a 30 day supply and only be charged for $3.00 shipping. I distictly recall asking the girl "are you sure I will only be charged $3.00?" I was told that was all I would be charged. Thankfully I never opened the bottles because I recently discovered they had taken $99.85 from my bank account without my authorization. They are scamming people big time. I am on hold with my bank as I am typing this to make them aware that there was an unauthorized charge made by this company. Who knows when or if I will ever get my money. I called Cigarrest after discovering the charges and the lady was rude. SHe more or less yelled at me to return the product and I would be re-imbursed...yeah right! She gave me a RA number. I sent the product back UPS. Beware!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS RIP OFF COMPANY!!!

e4351d1e, 2008-08-16, 07:40PM CDT

they did the same to me

i ordered for the 5.95 shipping and cancel 7 days later and they charged my account 99.85 before the 30days even was close. i called them and told them i had to cancelled, they said they would stop any furture shipments. good for me i wwent to my bank and told them it was not authorised for them to take this money out and they had me fill out papers and i got my money back. maybe more people should try that too. good luck all

68a73f08, 2008-08-20, 01:33PM CDT

My mom ordered this product for my husband. She was telling me about it, and that maybe I should try to pick one up as well. Anyway, while I was on the phone with her, I looked up the site on Google. First thing on the list was a LOT of ripoff reports. I immediatly went to the site to check out the terms and conditions. After the first page, where you fill in name/address/phone/etc., the second page comes up asking for credit card info. It's not until THIS page that you see the *extra* fine print. Here is a copy.

*Void where prohibited. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply. This offer is subject to change or termination without notice.

!!!!!! Each shipment includes a 90-day supply. Pay only $6.95 for the first 30 days of the initial shipment and then you will be charged $99.85 every 30 days thereafter in this and later shipments to the same card you use today.!!!!!!!

For your convenience S&P may be broken into multiple charges that total $6.95. Each 30-day shipment comes with its own 30-day moneyback guarantee (less only S&P) upon request for a refund and return of the unused product. You can cancel future shipments at any time by phone by calling 1-800-792-9079 or by mail to: CigArrest, Attn: Cancellations, 170 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista CA 92084.

!!!!!! Other benefits include a year of nutritional supplements, $1000 in grocery coupons, and much more. The set of steak knives is yours just for trying it out. 30-day trial period begins upon receipt of your Healthy Living package. Thereafter you will be charged $69 each year by ??Healthy Living??. You may cancel the ??Healthy Living?? package at any time and receive a full pro-rated refund (less S&P). Just phone 1-800-588-1316 or mail to: Healthy Living, Attn: Cancellations, P.O. Box 4120, Carlsbad, CA 92018. !!!!!!!

There are actually TWO companies that are getting your info and signing you up for a monthly service, and a yearly service! This is how they are getting away with it. TECHNICALLY they aren't doing anything illegal. It's still a load of bull$&*7 tho. You have to call BOTH of those company numbers and cancel BOTH services. AND you need to send Cigarrest back the other 60 days of product they tuck so nicely into your box. Nice convoluted scam they have there. I'm sure they make tons of money off the people who give up because of all of the crap involved. HEck, I'd rather my husband keep smoking, rather than pay for this. At least he feels like he's getting something from the money he spends on smokes. Besides, with all bad stuff going on with this, I'm worried about just what's in this product, and how effective it could really be.

cb249542, 2008-08-23, 12:47PM CDT

i did the same thing, i orderd the free 30 day supply and after i hung the phone up i read these reviews and i immediatly called my bank and said my card was lost/stolen so they froze my account and now cigarrest cant take any money from me thanks for your reviews

cb249542, 2008-08-23, 12:49PM CDT

i did the same thing, i orderd the free 30 day supply and after i hung the phone up i read these reviews and i immediatly called my bank and said my card was lost/stolen so they froze my account and now cigarrest cant take any money from me thanks for your reviews

1dff6880, 2008-10-03, 03:53PM CDT

I am very grateful to all of you who wrote to warn others about dealing with Cigarrest. I was just about to fall for the "free" offer deal, but checked out the internet. Bless all of you folks who wrote! Thank you!!

8f2a31a0, 2008-10-05, 01:04PM CDT

I received my Free Offer on 9-5-08 paid for shipping with my credit card. I cancelled future shipments on the Cigarrest automated customer service line.

Yesterday I was my credit card was billed $99.85. I called the customer service number and of course the office was closed! The 'computer' stated that there were no shipments pending. So I ask, "What's up with that?

My credit card company has been contacted; I just completed a claim letter to them;and I am sending copies of this site along with my claim letter.



1696a73a, 2008-10-09, 12:24PM CDT

I think its bad that they do this but most of the time with free trial they say "refused" or "return to sender" returns will not be refunded =/ maybe that was the case idk.

6729592d, 2008-10-23, 04:50PM CDT

I saw the commercial on TV. It said free 30 day supply. Funny thing is, all the testimonials were saying they quit in one week. If everybody quits in one week, why would you need a 30 day supply? I called the toll free number and they wanted my credit card number. I asked them why and they told me for shipping. I said okay, that means its not free and hung up on them. Then I found these complaints on the internet. So I guess I lucked out.

2c0dedf9, 2008-11-01, 06:31PM CDT

I wish I had read your complaint before I ever dealt with Cigarrest. They have now taken over $400 out of my account without delivering anything ! despite promises on the phone that they have closed my account. What bloodsuckers!

85e0491b, 2008-11-21, 01:58PM CST

Same here. The biggest scam I ever fell for. I honestly believe arrest should be the key word. Free is'nt very free with them. I paid the $6.85 for S&H for the first order and was charged $99 twice and now $103.50. Thank God Visa is helping me.

85e0491b, 2008-11-21, 02:10PM CST

Same here. The biggest scam I ever fell for. I honestly believe arrest should be the key word. Free is'nt very free with them. I paid the $6.85 for S&H for the first order and was charged $99 twice and now $103.50. Thank God Visa is helping me.

b5c6d186, 2008-12-01, 02:16PM CST

I have had the same problem with them taking fund out of my bank account.I paid the shipping charges of $2.95. Then two days latter I see more charges are taken out 3 times in one day.Then two days latter 3 more charges were taken out.When I called my credit card to confirm my hold on this card I was told that there was another charge.They are not getting away with this with me.I called them and they had some lame claim that this was additional shipping charges.Who ever heard od taking shipping charges like that 7 didderent times and 7 different amounts.I cancelled today.So I also cancelled this card before they get away with more.I have never delt with any company like this.

48829448, 2008-12-08, 02:26PM CST

I have had the same problem with them taking fund out of my bank account.My husband was going to try the product for 30 days but he could not chew the gum because he has dental plates and something was casuing a reaction so he stopped. We forgot to cancel until I saw a 99.85 charge on our account. My husband called and cancelled the 1st week in November. We noticed the shipping charges of $2.95 from the original trial date the 2nd week in October but missed the small charges (about 7 or 8) that we were told were also shipping charges.Because we paid by debit card, the bank said we needed something in writing showing where we had cancelled. Well you can't show a phone call! I tried calling again today to find out what the SECOND charge of 99.85 was for and was told that since the 1st order was a 90 day supply (it wasn't) that the 1st charge of 99.85 was for 2nd month and the 2nd charge was for the 3rd month!! We cancelled our debit card. Do NOT do business with this company!!! I think my husband and I would rather deal with anything else besides this constant aggravation!!!

78ee759c, 2008-12-23, 01:22PM CST

Thank God I came to this site before ordering from Cigarrest! Thanks to all of you, I saved myself a lot of aggravation! You all need to contact the attorney general of CA and the Federal Trade Commission- these people have to be stopped!

72e30cb0, 2009-01-07, 02:21AM CST

WOW!! I LOVE you guys!! I was JUST about the order this product when I remembered my SHAM WOW fiasco!! I didn't do any research before ordering and had a BIG problem with them!! So I googled CigArrest complaints and it brought me here!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR SAVING MY BUTT!! As for now, I'll just have to SMOKE my butt, and figure out a different way............... LOL!

83d30ae7, 2009-02-13, 06:26PM CST

Thanks for all of your responses. I want to quit smoking, and I tried the patch, but it didn't work for me. I WAS contemplating trying Cigarrest, but I was suspicious. I knew that they wouldn't be giving it away for "free" unless there was a catch. I went to their website, and on the front page, it doesn't say anywhere that they'll charge you an exorbitant price to continue on the program, and that'll you are actually signing up to receive more at an outrageous price.

I wonder if they have ever been investigated? If not, someone should, and put them out of business.

Again, thank-you for the warning, and saving me a lot of hard earned money.

d306b1d8, 2009-02-26, 10:37AM CST

Good Morning Everyone,


Back on January 14, 2009, Teresa after watching a Cigarrest Advertisement on WTVY-4 Dothan, called their 800 number. The advertisement indicated that you may try Cigarrest for 30-days for $5.95. Their advertising is not what is says. After reviewing our recent bank statements with Superior Bank in Samson, Cigarrest has made debit card deductions from our Checking Account over and above the $5.95. Interestingly they couldn't even get their debit card deductions straight.

On 1/15/09 they charged $2.04

On 1/16/09 they charged $1.40

On 1/16/09 they again charged $0.80

On 1/16/09 they again charged $0.60

On 1/20/09 they charged $0.50

On 1/20/09 they again charged $0.35

On 1/20/09 they charged another $0.25

On 2/17/09 they charged us another $39.95

Teresa called the company this morning to complain and they would not even let her speak with a manager or supervisor. She only ordered the 30-day supply for the $5.95 as advertised, then called and cancelled any further orders, but they are charging us for a 90-day supply (February 17th's $39.95). Her original phone conversation was with a representative/operator named "Heather" and like most companie's they say this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.


Bill & Teresa

cece2d8b, 2009-07-12, 12:35AM CDT

Thank you very much, because of what I read here i went the better business bureau and looked CigArrest up and there have been sooooo many complaints. I think you guys just saved me a lot of money and headache. We will have to figure out another way to quit smoking.

e54d6429, 2009-07-24, 01:54PM CDT

In my appione the goverment should arrest the people at cigarrest they are not telling the truth about there bussiness , but the U.S. Goverment gets paid by this kind of company at our exspence

76a395c6, 2009-08-24, 02:59AM CDT

In this thread all the guys were talking about how they lose their money to Cigarrest but no one speaks about their products. Whether the product is worked out or not? Whether it really helps anyone to quit smoking or not?.


9f0e47ed, 2009-08-27, 04:28PM CDT

How to Beat Cigarrest:

First... don't do business with them.

Second... if you have been suckered into the free 30 day trial for shipping and handling cost only... call them immediately to cancel your order. They will tell you how much of the product you can keep. Get the retun authorization code. When the product arrives return it immediately with tracking code and keep an eye on your bank balance. When you see them making small charges on your credit card call them right away and tell them cease and desist or you will notify your bank's Fraud Squad. Dollar and cents: Nicorette is cheaper in the long run.

77c47111, 2009-08-28, 07:41PM CDT

It worked for me. In fact it only took 6 days before I no longer needed the gum or the tablet and now I have a ton of it left over. I strongly recommend it. I did it cause I started thinking of the cost savings $80 a month by quitting now.

69caefd7, 2009-09-08, 09:43AM CDT

Actually, if you read all of the complaints you will see many comments on how the product does NOT work. I am not sure how you can sleep at night knowing you are ripping off innocent hard working people. Just remember, Karma is a b***h.

1d612c76, 2009-10-23, 08:15AM CDT

You people that have been scammed need to file a class action suit against these people. Put them out of business! It is SOOOO wrong what they are doing. I strongly suggest that next time you order something like this, if you have any way of recording the conversation, by all means do it! (I think by law you have to inform them that you are recording the conversation or it won't be admissible in court if something were to happen) Ask them about their return policies, if you will EVER be charged for anything in the future etc.. That would be the ultimate slap in their face to record them lying to you, sue them and then laugh your way to the bank with THEIR money!! These scumbags need to be stopped! (hmm, now that I'm writing this, maybe I will just order a "free trial"

6477a1be, 2009-10-25, 09:55PM CDT

Is it just me or is everyone noticing that in ALL of these complaints every one of them is being charged a DIFFERENT amount of money for shipping? I believe one I read was for just over $7 and another was for $3. Every post I have read on here all has a different amount that they ended up charging you for shipping.

77c47111, 2009-11-09, 06:50PM CST

Agreed they are deceptive in their television advertisement and I WILL WARN EVERYONE WHO READS THIS AND IS THINKING ABOUT ORDERING, DO NOT order from Cigarrest without reading the terms and conditions prior to completing your order.

1) First charge:

$6.95 shipping (charged in several small sums)

2) Second charge:


3) 3rd charge $102.65 (2nd shipment arrives)

4) You call to raise hell & they tell you that it was in the terms and conditions you agreed to and that you have to cancel within the first 30 days or the large charge occurs with more shipment/charges to come. Please ship your order back (1st order half used) and we will pro-rate you for the unused portion.

A) You threaten to call the Better Business Bureau they tell you they can have them contact you.

B) You threaten to call you card company, 50% of the time they will fold and return all your money or you end up having the credit card company fight to recover some if not all of it after returning their product.

3f86df6c, 2009-11-13, 03:41PM CST

Cigarrest is one of the best stop smoking products on the internet. I spent more than 3 years looking at and using over a dozen similar products and Cigarrest was the only product that actually got me to be able to stop smoking. You can read more about cigarrest by visiting my blog about how their great stop smoking product help me at it a blog about my success with cigarrest

c2398780, 2009-12-05, 07:09PM CST

I am intersted in a law firm filing both civil class law suit and criminal charges within California jursidiction since all these plaintiffs are entitled to relief of monetary damages, and injuction to stop their operation. Find me an attorney in California.

5330af34, 2009-12-11, 01:28PM CST


Melanie R., 2010-01-12, 04:34PM CST

I worked for this company in a call center, and yes they are scamming.

If any one has an attorney working on this I would be glad to talk to them.

fe40d3cf, 2010-02-14, 03:24AM CST

It is such a shame that this is happening. I bought CigArrest at my local drug store in 1989.

They were running a kinda cheesy ad on TV but I'd tried everything else so figured "why not?"

It worked! As of 1/17/2010 I am 21 years smoke free! I never took the pills or chewed the gum (I don't know if it even came with them) It didn't come with vitamins. I do remember listening to the (at that time) cassette tape several times a day.

I am so happy with the product that I was looking to see if they had a weight loss product. Instead I found that they've taken to doing this scam instead.

So sad.

4bd3cc78, 2010-02-27, 09:34PM CST


23ddc1a5, 2010-03-18, 02:32PM CDT

i oder a free trial of cigarrest 1month ago and still have not got theme yet.i want to no what happen to my oder.

b63676f3, 2010-06-07, 05:09PM CDT

This company is full of Hot Air on the words they tell you.I cancelled with in Apr of 2010 and in June they finally found my return said money was going back to my bank in no more then 48 hours.Well it has been over 72 hrs,called my bank they do not have anything showing that CIGARREST did this paying back of my money.I call them everyday and will till I get my money. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

8f82d16c, 2010-06-11, 11:02AM CDT

I totally agree its a ripoff for sugar pills and vitamins they charged me $99.00 and told me it was a 90 day supply and the first 30 days were free

and it does'nt work if ypu been screwed too file a comlaint with the BBB and anyone else you can.they need to be sued! DONT ORDER IT!! ITDOES NOT WORK!

6dc39001, 2010-09-02, 11:36AM CDT

they are liars and theives!!!have now got the second charge of 99.85 on my debit . the second i ordered it on 7/30/2010 i had bad feeling because it was all automated phone called called back and was told by operator 2663 it would be cancelled immediatley -Guess what they did not and sent it out for 7.95 -he guaranteed me that it all that would ever be charged said no, want it cancelled right now - of course i received package and now 8/30/2010 they charged 99.85 without my knowledge!! just spoke to operator Tiara 6434 and of course no supervisor will take any calls!! God I wished i would have looked them up first and seen all these complaints!! I never have ordered anything from commercials or anything like this- wanted to quit smoking and believed it - what a sucker i am !I am calling the better business bureau and my local police to let them know and my bank

Theives - i did not have money to cover all this _ now i am going to have to cancel my card what a mess -BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE THEIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6b104e41, 2010-10-01, 04:00PM CDT


5831e6b4, 2010-11-02, 07:16PM CDT

It seems that whether the product works or not is only secondary to the FOUL business practices employed liberally at this company! If anyone, with half a brain, was to go by the numerous complaints about the effectiveness of the product -it seems to be next to WORTHLESS.With the dishonest business-thievery,it has crossed over to COMPLETELY WORTHLESS!!!!!!!SUCKERS BEWARE!!!!!!HURRY!!DUCK!!!! DON'T LET THEM COMPROMISE YOUR DIGNITY!!!RUN_RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!BEWARE OF FRAUD!!!NO MORE OVERDRAFT FEES AFTER BEING STOLEN FROM!!! UNCLE!!UNCLE!!!TAKE MY WIFE, PLEASE!!!

25f747de, 2010-11-05, 08:48AM CDT

I did the same thing plus some other company was taking money out of my accountwith out me knowing anything about it and cigarrest only gave me two weeks before they toke my money

c9b35ace, 2010-11-13, 07:56AM CST

I ordered cigarrest and received the first shipment. I wasn't happy with the wayit worked. So I called cigarrest about their product and was told that it should work if I gave it a chance to work. Then about 3 months later I got my credit card bill and was charged for second shipment that I never got. I called them agin and was told I received that shipment,and there was nothing they could do for me. I called my credit card company filled a complaint with them. So now I'm out a $100.00 for nothing now I will fill complaint with the BBB. So I would suggest not doing any business with them.

9583eb64, 2010-11-28, 08:47AM CST

I hear some say it works and some say it doesn't. Would someone like to send me some of their left over for say...$20 so I could try it without the ripoff. I can afford to lose a 20 spot just to see if would work.

5032b407, 2011-04-29, 11:08AM CDT

y a i hear u they just did it to me and 2 other friends and its bull u cancal before the 30 days and they still take the money with out notifying u they need to be sued and shut down and refund all money they have taken

7287b433, 2011-05-29, 01:00PM CDT

I ordered this program in 1998 and had been smoking for 15 plus years! 2 to 3 packs a day of menthol cigarrets and I stopped smoking! so, it does work and I only paid $89 at the time! It was well worth it! 100% satisfaction on my part!

d6fdf2c3, 2011-12-08, 11:34AM CST

I also was told your check is in the mail but nothing yet!!!

2f7a64ce, 2012-03-12, 01:39PM CDT

i had placed a order with you.

i recieve part of the order. also i

received one pwrt pf the order and receive a email, that the other part of the order was maiked to me, the second part has never arrived.

today is march 12/2012

can you tell me what happen.

Henry J.Johnson.

4901d35b, 2012-05-05, 12:18PM CDT

how about that 9.95 monthly online support charge ..i didn't authorize

Paul R., 2012-10-10, 11:01AM CDT

They have been taking 9.95 out of my account since July, It's now Oct.10, About some online site video support program that I never even heard of!!! Plus they took 9.95 out of my bank account twice in August AND in September!!!! I called them and got a girl named Samantha and asked her to talk to a manager and told me I couldn't!!!! She said she filed a complaint and I should Get an answer in 7-10 buisness days!!! WHAT?????? I'm letting the BBB handle this one!!!! RIP OFFS!!!!

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