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September 18, 2005

I was interested in one of the diets listed for EDiets, and began walking through the process of signing up. However, when I got to the page where it totaled the amount due, there were "other" charges that doubled my bill. This wasn't what wanted to agree to, so I left the site. I never sent any agreement to what they wanted to bill me. Until I received the membership emails, I had no idea they had gone ahead and billed me, and set up the account. I followed the email link to my account, and accessed live help through the member site.

When I complained, I was told that there was no way out once I went through the first step of choosing a log on name and password, that at that point, I was going to be charged regardless. There was no opt out, and that I was supposed to be charged an early termination fee in addition to the amount already charged. They claim that I had accessed the diet page and used the account, but the only thing I had done was follow their own email link to the web page to resolve the problem. They agreed to waive the early termination fee and are supposed to refund the mysterious "other" charge, but will not cancel my account without taking the month's fees.

I never agreed to the amounts they proposed to charge, and never intended to follow through with their account because of the ridiculous fees, and they don't care. This is an online scam - they are taking money for memberships that are not finalized, and refuse to fix the problem. They are a disreputable business.

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