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Company: Simmons Bianca Pt Queen / Mattress Firm

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Simmons Bianca Pt Queen / Mattress Firm

September 18, 2005

Mattress Firm 795 US 31 North, Suite A {Fry RD and 31} Greenwood, IN 46142 On 8/4/05 we bought a Simmons box spring and mattress Bianca PT Queen with 850 coil springs for $1102.39. At the time of the sale the Assistant Manager Joshua Selva raved about the superior delivery service that is so much better than the competition. They will “roll out the Red carpet, put on booties to not get your floor dirty and they will leave some candy on your pillow”. It even states this in their contract. I told him just give me a good price on the mattress, that is what I am buying. When they did deliver NONE of this happened. No Red Carpet, No booties, No Candy; just two Mexicans delivering a mattress. The store manager Stacey later told me that all her delivery guys were Hispanic. I believe the Department of Labor would call them Illegal Aliens. One of the delivery guys didn’t speak any English. Again, I didn’t care as I was buying a mattress. This only turned out to be one of many lies. My decision to buy from the Mattress Firm was influenced by their 15 year warranty. Others were offering only 10 years. Joshua told me about their 90 day Comfort Guarantee. After several weeks my wife and I found the bed too firm. We both have always slept on a firm mattress as we both have bad backs. I was waking up sore on my hips. I was looking for a black and blue mark as I thought I bumped into something. My shoulders and back were also sore. I felt like I had gotten into a fight. We finally realized it was the mattress. On day 32 we decided to take them up on their Comfort Guarantee. I didn’t care about paying the 10% restocking fee as this mattress was too uncomfortable. As I went back to choose another mattress Stacey told me that she does not like Simmons mattresses. She showed me how each of the springs were individually wrapped and glued together. She told me when the glue fails you will have large indentations in the mattress. My wife and I picked out a Seally mattress, spending $374 more. This included the $70 restocking fee and $35 for delivery. They wanted $59 for delivery. I negotiated $35 as this is what the Mattress Firm actually pays. When they came to deliver the replacement mattress the same delivery guys showed up; again no Red Carpet service. He looked over the mattress very carefully in my bedroom, and then took it outside to check it again. He looked at it for a long time at the bottom of my drive way in the dark as it was 8:00pm. He said he could not take it as there was a slight yellow stain. I had difficulty seeing what he was talking about. It didn’t matter as he would not exchange the mattresses. I had used our old mattress protector, and it slightly stained the mattress. To see it, it must be pointed out, as it is trivial. With the mattress protector off my wife noticed that in three areas on the side of the mattress the seams were separating after only 30 days! I called Stacey the next day. She told me that even if there is a “pin size mark or stain on the mattress it voids the warranty”. The comfort Guarantee is void. The warranty for defect of materials and workmanship is void. The 15 year warranty is void. This is why they can offer a longer guarantee than the others; they have no intentions of honoring it. After cleaning the mattress I called them to take another look. Stacey told me I would have to pay $90.00 for them to come out again to look at it. I would have to give her a credit card number to pay in advance. We are now stuck with this uncomfortable, coming apart at the seams mattress. We bought a feather pad at Penny’s to try and soften the mattress. It still is uncomfortable. My wife found your site We are looking to buy two new sofas and new carpeting through out our house. My wife wanted to look at Ashley’s furniture as a new one opened up by our house. She noticed 83 pages of complaints on Ashley furniture. As for carpeting we noticed all the complaints for Empire Carpets and The Home Depot. We were considering The Home Depot. Thanks to your site we won’t make those mistakes. I just wish we knew of your site before we went shopping for a mattress. As far as our mattress, we will probably just take it as an expensive lesson and buy a new one from a reputable business. Thank you for letting me educate potential customers of the lies of the Mattress Firm. If we prevent one customer from experiencing what we went through I will be happy. D Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49190#


c5d587a6, 2008-04-03, 05:56PM CDT

First, your racist comments about delivery service persons is out of line. Second, mattress warranties and guarantees are void nationwide, NO MATTER WHERE YOU BUY, when you stain your mattress. Third, no mattress warranty includes comfort or stitching. Fourth, you should always shop around and or check with consumer reports to verify that your situation is unique before complaining about anyone's service.

0d0d851b, 2008-05-31, 11:19AM CDT

Just to add to this posting...we bought a #3800 Sleep Comfort mattress from the Franklin, Tennessee Store.We had some troubles with the controls within two (2) days which Sleep Comfort resolved. Six months later the pump and controls died. The store manager Rick Walkush told us it was not his problem, we had to deal with Select Comfort Inc. We called their call center, they could find no record of the sale in the Mattress Firm database. Nevertheless, they agreed to send us a pump and controls based on what information we got on our sales order. Guess what....the sales order was completely wrong. The bed we received is a different model, so the new "refurbished pump" will not work on our bed. Select Comfort even called the store and good old Rick for us, got the same arrogant "its your problem" answer from him.

The customer rep for Select Comfort was furious and apologetic and promised to send a pickup order for the wrong pump and send us a new one. This means we have to completely remove the mattress ourselves (we are 66 years old) and figure out how to disconnect 4 hoses, replace the pump and controls and reconnect the plumbing to the bed (it used quick connect fittings which are buried under the bed). In all we feel Select Comfort is an excellent company and they really want to please their customers. Basically Mattress Firm does not honor their word, get their paperwork correctly posted, if at all, and cares less about their customers.

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