Reebok Outlet Store In Marlboro, MA

Posted on Saturday, September 17th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e60fbb98

Company: Reebok Outlet Store In Marlboro, MA

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Reebok Outlet Store In Marlboro, MA

September 16, 2005

I went to the outlet store in Marlboro, MA on Saturday, 4/9/05 and bought 2 pairs of shoes for my son, the sizes are 3.5 and 4.5. It turned out the size 3.5 was too small, so I went to the store on the following Saturday, 4/16/05 for exchange. I handed in the shoes for exchange, but since I need to make other purchases, he said he would keep them for me. but when I checked out, he only gave me the receipts but forgot to give me the shoes(size 5), I didn't notice it at the time. On the second day, I realized it and called the store, I was told I could bring the receipt and they will take care of it, I didn't catch his name on the phone at the time. I told him I didn't have time on the weekdays but I would be there on weekend. so on the weekend(4/23/05), I made another trip which is more than half an hour from my home, the store manager told me he couldn't give the shoes because the cashier wasn't on duty and I couldn't give him the name who answered my phone and store inventory indicates no extra size 5 of shoes, but he promised he would look into this and call me back. I never got any phone call from him. My complaints are 1. The store manager was surly and rude. he said "If your story is true, we should have one extra pair of shoes, but we don't." he blamed me as if I was lying.

2. The manager lied, he took my name/phone number, made copys of my receipts, promised he would get back to me, but I never received the phone call.

3. the pair of shoes costs only $18.00 after discount, I don't really care about this money, what made me feel angry is the way they treated me, like I was lying, I feel so much insulted even now after 5 months past. Thanks for reading my story. Best regards, Peggy Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_48045#

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92929ed1, 2008-09-24, 04:15AM CDT

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