Harlem Furniture - Harlem Furniture sofa set warranty rejection

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 1fc425e1

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Harlem Furniture sofa set warranty rejection

September 14, 2005

Harlem Furniture

Mr. Bruce Berman, President & CEO

1000-46 Rohlwing Rd.

Lombard, Illinois 60148

Re: 0513503MRZH

Dear Mr. Berman, On June 25, 2005, I purchased a 7 pc. living room set from your Hoffman Estates location. I have made all of my furniture purchases from your stores. This was microfiber set on which I was "sold" it and did not freely choose it because I was intimidated by the material. The Sales lady talked to me for over an hour on how I had nothing to worry about as far as stains are concerned because the pre-treatment she was selling to me would cover, and I quote, "any stains". She went through the whole scenario dipping the untreated piece of fabric in the solution of wine and it be stained but doing so with the pretreated fabric did not stain. I was impressed thus I made this purchase though GAFCO financing having been told not to worry. Not even a month later, there were stains being shown on my set. When delivered, there was no solution sent in case I had to clean it so I used a damp sponge to try and get the stains off it. These stains at the time were food stains and other small things like that. Nothing came off the set. By the time I called, ink had found it's way on the set as well. The customer service department was very rude to me in instructing me how to file a claim At the time of purchase, I told that it was easy, I would call if something was wrong and a tech would be out to clean it, and I quote again, "no questions asked". Not to mention, the cashiers did not give me any warranty information on thie product, or cleaning tips at the time of delivery or purchase. Now, I am very nice and respectful, these ladies in Customer Service have a job to do but to be mean is unacceptable. They finally gave me the number to stainsafe and I spoke to another rude representative who said to me that it would be no problem to help, she'd send me cushions replacements for the affected areas. I left that conversation thinking I was to get help. Yesterday however, i received a letter from Stainsafe stating they did not cover ink (even though ink was the least of the stains on this couch) and they had to deny my claim even though I was told I would be getting it replaced. I contacted everyone from the sales rep who directed me to customer service who called stainsafe and said the young lady just made a mistake. I even asked if there was a way to buy the pieces myself in an attempt to just solve the problem. they said no. So now, I"m stuck with a couch that has all types of small stains on it and one little ink stain on a set that isn't even four months old. I am upset that the sales person did not tell me that ink volds the warranty. I really should have gone with my gut and not purchased a micro-fiber set but she made me so confortable in do it that now I feel like I was simply just sold to and not really helped. Again, I am a loyal customer and I know that me writing this complaint will get results. What I want is simply to have the affected areas cleaned or replaced or something. I don't want this to get out of hand, but I feel that I must invform the customers and inform Rainbow push if needed for assitance with this claim. Please help me to get the things I need for this set. I appreciate your time.


Plano, IL 60545


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