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Bell Mobile

September 14, 2005

I am a full time student, with a tight budget. I just got of a two year cellphone contract with Rogers (who I never had any problems with) and was wanting to try a prepaid plan to lower my monthly costs. I shopped around and decided Bell Mobility had the best deal per minute and was offering a high quality phone for a small sum. So I got a Samsung flipphone with a prepaid account with Bell. I live in the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada, were all calls disregarding city origin, are local. Unfortunately, all of my friends from Surrey and WhiteRock (within Greater Vancouver area) could not call my number locally, as "it was long distance." Ridiculous! So, I called the Bell service line and they redirected me to the prepaid line, and back and forth... The 3

times I called Bell, I probably was on the phone for about 1 hour each time and resulting with no solution to the problem. Firstly. the operators didn't understand English very well, and I had to explain the situation repetitively. They had no idea of Canadian geography and had trouble even recognizing "Vancouver." Then they told me that "sometimes you can call your friends in "WhitRook", but it is long distance for them to call you. It is just how the system works." What is the point of having a cell phone if your local friends can't call you? Also, when one department told me to call the other, the other would then tell me to call the former

department. No sense of order at all! Then, finally I was told that a "complaint ticket" will be issued and this problem will be looked into. But, as I bought the phone 12 days ago, I only had 3 days left to return for a full refund (15 day max for refunds.) When I asked when this would be looked at, it would be a week and they can't guarantee anything. So, a day later I went to return the phone to London Drugs (a cellphone supplier branch) and was told that I needed to cancel the number before I get a refund. So, I called Bell and was told that the number can't be cancelled for so and so days. After another 30 minutes, the operator just told me to return the phone the way it was (activated.) Also, when I asked for a refund for the $20 in airtime I had on the account, I was briskly refused. Furthermore, I returned the phone and now will never deal with Bell again. I am appalled by their customer service and their lack of knowledge. Overall, it is really clear that the

company cheaps out on hiring people. Stupid people= lower pay! Also, they have no incentives about

pleasing customers. I should of got a refund for that $20. It will just give them an increasing bad name!

I hope anyone who reads this will think twice about getting a Bell cellphone. BEWARE!!

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