Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 6ad31c23

Company: Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

September 12, 2005

Kentucky Fried Chicken

65 Columbus Ave.

Rochester, NH 03867


I am writing in a complaint about the above restaurant. I have had three bad experiences in three visits in a row. First one was my husband and I went through. He ordered boneless honey wings and when he went to eat them when we going down the road because we got them at drive-thru, they were ice cold like they just came out of the refridgerator. We did not have time to turn back. The second time through the drive-thru about two weeks later, we both got the Chicken nibbler sandwich combo. When we opened those the sandwiches were hard as a brick and we just threw them out for the birds, again were were on the road. The last incidnet was on 9/7/05, when we drove through and got the three piece chicken strips dinner, an order of macaroni and cheese and an order of three chicken strips. When we got home the extra three pieces of chicken were not there. I called immediately to speak to the manager and she said that she remembered that order, and when I told her I did not get the chicken, she said that I was not charged for them, and then checked and saw that I was. She was going to get them ready for me, I would have to drive to the other side of town so I said forget it and I told her about the two other incidence at the same time. She talk to me with kind of a laugh in her voice and said that she would send me certificates which I have never recieved. She did have my name and address, so not sending them was deliberate. I will never go to any KFC again. They do not care about thier customers, and nothing will ever convince me that they do . I say that because I wrote the main office about the first 2 times and never got so much as an apology, or for that matter, I never heard from them at all. Great Business.


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i want to estublish a KFC resturant in Dubai and please let me know from where i should start

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I feel for you. I'd like to report the experience my parents and I had at KFC this week. We each got the two piece chicken dinner. My parents got dark meat and I got white. My Mom ordered the new grilled chicken. Get ready for this, I swear the two pieces of chicken my Mom got looked like they came from a pigeon! Dads weren't much bigger but due to the crunch on his, it looked a little bigger. I have to say, aside from being too salty, the two white pieces I got were of normal size. I guess it was my own fault for excepting the two dinners for my parents because they sure didn't look like the pictures they advertise on their menu! I was going to write to their headquarters but after reading the above, I'm wondering if I should bother. It's ashame, isn't it? I guess we need to start taking a stand and not worry about being embarrassed. After all, until we do say something, nothing is going to change. I am going to try and start taking a stand, agree? Thanks for listening.

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