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Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 67172e39

Product: gas (propane) range / service

Company: General Electric

Category: Other

September 12, 2005

We purchased a GE range in November of 2003. It was replaced January 2004 because of a repair that almost completely disassembled the stove and was not properly put back together. This unit is now 20 months old.

Yesterday while in the kitchen preparing dinner, the oven was on, the outside part of the door fell to the floor. I called GE for service and I was advised it would cost me $49.95 plus parts and labor. If I chose not to allow them to replace the door, I would be responsible for the $49.95 service call plus a diagnostic fee of $15.00. I don't need a diagnosis, I know what is wrong with the range.

All the company Consumer Relations department would do is "ASSIST me with the cost of parts and labor" but they could not tell me what amount that would be unless I had the service call, which they will charge me for. I was advised this is why they offer a service contract after a year warranty runs out.

I am outraged, they will NOT come to check out the range unless I pay them the service fee of $49.95. This is a factory defect and I would not require their service if the unit was assembled properly in the first place.

Consumer Reports rated this model highly!

BEWARE of GE Products and service!


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