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Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 92e7285c

Company: Boston Sports Club

Location: BOSTON, MA, US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

Wow, I thought I disliked sales people before, but this takes the cake. I went to BSC at 561 Boylston Street Boston, MA, and started to talk with a member service rep about rejoining. She explained that there was this great new offer and when she sat me down she wrote down 4 figures. The first 2 were something like $129/$69, which was the old price of an sign-up fee and monthly fee. Then she wrote down a new price of $29/$49, which was the new price of sign-up and the monthly fee. I said "Wow, it's $49 a month?!" and she said "Yes, it's a really great deal." I paid about $83 (the extra I assumed was tax, since $29 + $49 is $78, and she never explained any other charges) by check. The next week I notice a $65 charge in my checking account fro the club. I called the same member services rep and she asked what I expected to get charged. I said that I

expected to get charged nothing since I had paid for the entire month a week ago. She went on to explain that there must have been a "misunderstanding", that the "great offer" was $65/month (instead of the previous $69). Furthermore, the $29 was an "activation fee" and the $49 was the sign-up fee, and since it was the end of the month that I had been charged only a few dollars for the remaining days in the month. She continued to say she was sorry, which would have been nice, if I had believed her, and that she'd take off $65 for the confusion. Now, I can afford that, but the way that she did it, saying "Well, if your happy with our gym, you should consider it.”, but even with the $65 off, it would have still been $169 more than I had signed up for. It was a sleazy trick, there was no mistake about it, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear if this has happened to others. KM


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