oreck xl /air cleaner

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by efef0f95

Company: oreck xl /air cleaner

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oreck xl /air cleaner

September 1, 2005

I purchased an oreck xl air cleaner about a year ago and it worked fine for the first few months then I started to notice a decline in dust and odor removal,The unit would run for several months without having hardly any build-up in the collection grids although there was a substantial amount of dust everywhere else including the outside of the unit itself.When I took it back to the store their tech examined it a day later and found nothing wrong other than the grid was as he explained was upside down which is untrue it can be placed either way it has contact points on both sides so he offerded to tune-up the unit by opening the unit up and cleaning out all the dust THAT ACCUMILATED INSIDE AROUND THE MOTOR INSTEAD OF THE GRID WHERE IT’S SUPPOSED TO needless to say the unit still does not work properly.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

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