Beware Halstead Communications for DirectTV install

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by c3836bd3

Company: Beware Halstead Communications for DirectTV install

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Beware Halstead Communications for DirectTV install

September 1, 2005

To whom it may concern, I have to relate what a horrible experience it has been TRYING to become a customer of yours. It began well enough, I called your national sales line and my order to set up service was quickly processed. This is where the pleasant part of the experience ends. At 2:30 on August 26, halfway through your window for the service technician's arrival, I received a call telling me that there were no technicians available and you would have to reschedule my appointment and that someone else would call me back with a rescheduled appointment. 4 Hours later I was contacted to reschedule. Your representative offered me a date 10 DAYS from the missed appointment. Needless to say this was unacceptable, and I was escalated to a supervisor who rescheduled for Tuesday August 30, 2005. One hour after the promised delivery window, your technician arrived and after only 15 minutes determined that no signal was to be had and left. At this point I was about to give up, until I received a message that a supervisor would provide a second opinion on the signal. Great, except it took 6 CALLS to Hallstead Communications in Yonkers to get someone to answer my call. I was put on endless hold (over 20 minutes) 3 times. Hung up on twice, and run through three different reps on my last call only to be told, they would have to wait for a supervisor to call me back to schedule a second opinion on whether on not a signal could be had. I will be calling Cablevison tonight and I bet they will be installed and receiving my money before your local supervisor shows up for his assessment. -S. Whitman Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_48733#


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34e07865, 2008-04-20, 05:24PM CDT

What every customer of Halstead Communication should know:

1. When your technician shows up, take a serious interest in the work he/shes about to perform. Make sure they know exactly where you expect equipment to be placed, and that the technician informs you of where they are going to place the dish PRIOR to them drilling any holes.

2. DO NOT let the technician mount the dish on your roof if its a metal roof. Its against Halstead policy, and can/will damage your roof.

3. If the technician cannot get a shot from the roof, it IS HALSTEADs policy that the technician place a pole in the ground (if a shot can be obtained with a pole within a reasonable distance)AT NO COST TO YOU!!! If the technician says anything else, challenge him/her and ask to speak to a supervisor! If a pole is used, make sure quick-crete is also used!!!

4. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING unless your satisfied with the install. In fact id go a step further and would sign NOT SATISIFED on all documents to ensure the message gets a crossed. You should be signing at least two forms: one for direct TV and one for Halstead communications. dont make it easy for the tech to forge your signature.

5. All Systems are REQUIRED to be grounded. Their should be a ground wire attached to the dish that comes to a grounding block placed within 6 feet of your common house ground. A second wire should go from the ground block to your common house ground. (THIS IS A NEC regulation!!!). This ground block is REQUIRED to be placed on the outside of your house to protect you and your family from fire!

6. Their are many ways to attach a ground to the common house ground. If the technician uses a corner bracket attached to the outside electric box, insure that doesnt hinder an electrician from gaining entrance to the box. Their have been many cases where houses where burned to the ground because emergency personnel couldnt shut off the power supply. Some cities (such as Rochester) have completely banned the use of these devices.

7. If your system requires more than 4 lines, a special splitter will have to be used to provide the additional feeds for anything over 4 lines. These splitters have two styles, powered and unpowered. If the technician is using a powered splitter (will plug into 110 outlet, and will have a coax going to the box to provide power) THIS BOX MUST BE located on the inside of your house (WATER + 110V = not good).

8. the technician is REQUIRED to run phone lines AT NO CHARGE!!! Many of the advanced features (such as instant messaging) will not work unless the phone lines are connected.

9. Have the technician explain the Line of Sight for your signal. Many technicians (especially during late fall to early spring) may place your dish where you are getting your shot straight through bare trees. Your reception is fine now, but it wont be once the leaves return in the spring! Make sure you see the signal strength on your receiver! If its less than 80% signal strength on a sunny day, you are most likely getting fed a line by the technician. When a storm comes through, its normal for this signal to drop further. Once your signal gets to about 55% strength, you will notice clippingor pixilation of the picture to complete loss of signal. This can also be caused by high winds if the dish isnt mounted securely.

10. I HIGHLY recommend you take the insurance! you dont want to pay 80 dollars every time a technician has to come out and readjust or move your dish, and yes, receivers do fail quite often.

11. Dish location - Ask yourself: Will I be able to get the snow off the dish in the winter? If the technician can get a shot from the side of the house, it may be a good idea However, keep in mind: a) trees grow b)if you have siding, if you dont have a special mounting spot placed in the siding the technician may end up damaging it (this special mounting bracket is the customers responsibility by the way. Looks like a rectangle window allowing direct mounting to wood instead of the siding). You may also want to pay to have a pole put in. If the technician can get a shot from the roof and you still want a pole YOU have to pay to have it installed.

12. Technicians will only drill holes where its convenient. If you want the walls fished and professional brackets installed (like your 110 outlets) there is a hefty fee involved (which all goes to the company. The technician doesnt get paid crap for wall fishing and will most certainly try to talk you out of it or straight out refuse to do it. Technicians ARE allowed to except tips however). Before the technician drills in your house, make sure you know where he/she plans to place the whole (and whats on the other side! You dont want your TV install to turn into a Plumbing repair!!!)

12. Always inspect the final job. Make sure all coaxial cables are neatly secured to your house (not just laying on the ground, flapping against the side, or chunked over the roof). Look for any obvious signs of damage that the technician may have done prior to signing the paperwork.

13. If you are FORTUNATE to get a good technician, THANK HIM/HER for taking their job seriously, and yes, it is appropriate to TIP good technicians.

I hope this helps

X-Halstead Employee

a078bf06, 2008-05-13, 09:50AM CDT

I just had fun with these folks myself. The local installer was nice enough and thought I might have some issues with local channels because of some trees, but that the directv sat would be fine. He suggested having the supervisor come verify, but after multiple calls they never came or called me back. Finally they are just saying that the trees are in the way for everything, so I'm SOL. I think the supervisor was just too lazy to come to where I live and doesn't get paid by the install, so why should he care? So I'm stuck with nothing and they still suck. I love DirecTV, but Halstead isn't dong them justice.

146515ab, 2008-07-26, 09:41PM CDT

Monday will be my third attempt to have this company install cables correctly. The first time the tech was here he cut the old cables and left them in place. He ran the new cable thru my gutters and zip-tied the cable down the downspout. He told my wife that is the way they have to do it. No other company in the free world would do this except these hacks. I don't think an installation school could teach this garbage. i have some great pictures of this handy work for those who don't believe a company would do this and stand behind their workers. HACKS

d5f7a7f1, 2008-10-03, 12:04PM CDT

I would only add to this - and not much has improved in 3 years. Halstead handles the Ridgefield, CT area for DirecTV and has a terrible service record with my account. They seem to get the hardware in, but they are never, never on time, rescehdule you at their convenience - sometimes six weeks later when it was their fault they missed the appointment. I have had them mess up my comcast connection on two separate occasions. As soon as I can get NFL and MLB in high def somewhere else - I am GONE.

d374f43b, 2008-10-07, 08:49AM CDT

I Too had a NIGHTMARE with Halstead!!! Direct TV said we must upgrade our disk -they sent Halstead. My carpenter , who just had installed a new roof , met them and told them what to do-he came back that evening and they had bolted through my new roof and voided the warranty! Also, they blew out the HDMI input on my tv!!! Repairs to both of these cost about 1500$, and although the worker told us Direct TV would fix it, both refuse to pay!!!

We switched to Cable!!!!!

36c27578, 2008-10-17, 01:28PM CDT

Sounds quite similar to what I am going through right now, which is why I am "googling" Halstead. I have direct TV and am happy with it. I am trying to get High Def. Was rescheduled once, put through to a supervisor, Shane, who GUARANTEED they would be there and not reschedule. Day of... called to see where they were and was told apt not set. Supervisor, Terrance, said no techs available. He wouldn't even tell me who his supervisor was or who to send mail to. Reset for 11.18.08. Will see if anyone shows up. If not, will cancel the whole Direct tv thing. Principals, you know?

bf45adf1, 2008-11-19, 10:51PM CST

Like all satellite subcontractors Halstead want these guys to do a top notch job but do not pay near enough for the work ,time and effort involved not to mention risking life and limb going up on roofs etc being exposed to scorching heat ,freezing cold.Most customers don't think about this fact unless they themselves are doing this kind of work.I think it is also fair to say most customer's would have plenty to say if they had to go into their own pockets and pay a fair wage for the job at hand.Theirs A reason they call it a free basic install.Now you know.

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