TracFone stealing minutes

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 82bee4c0

Company: TracFone stealing minutes

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TracFone stealing minutes

September 1, 2005

Letter to (and detailing complaint about) TracFone

July 11, 2005 Chief Executive Officer

Tracfone Wireless Inc.

8390 NW 25th St.

Miami, FL 33122 Dear Executive: For months now I have been trying to reactivate my Tracfone. Every time I tried to do so, I was required to add airtime. Therefore, I instead returned to the home page and attempted to purchase airtime. However, I was instead told that I cannot complete the order...I must activate my phone. I've been going in circles for some time now. I finally managed contact someone by phone who, without much ado, placed the airtime order for me and routinely began the process of reactivating my phone. At that time, I had 206 minutes and, after having spent the $20, I expected to have 246 minutes. But no, I only had 40 minutes. As you can imagine, I was told about "the policy" more than once. I have had to reactivate my phone a number of times and have never lost my minutes. However, apparently now, your company sees nothing wrong with STEALING my money. I had no real problem paying $0.50 for each minute because I only used my phone in the car for emergencies. I had been caring for my father who was ill for the past 9 months, so I did not go anywhere. My phone in the car was the last thing on my mind. So when I turned it on recently and saw the 206 MINUTES but could not use my phone, I assumed, like always, I needed to add another $20 and reactivate the phone. But nooooo. Your company, via the Call Center Supervisor, Natalie # 56215, cannot do anything?? Worse than that, Natalie claims that you are NOT STEALING my minutes. I ask you as I asked her, what do you call it? I did not LOSE them in my hall closet...they did not EXPIRE like eggs. It's theft. You and I both know it. You have CONTROL over my phone. If those minutes are truly (ok I'll play...) "lost," then why are they still on my phone? Why don't you simply steal them when I turn my phone on? Because you and I both know it's a ploy to get me to call you. In fact, that's why I can’t do what I needed to do over the phone! You need me to call so that YOU CAN STEAL MY MINUTES (over $100 worth since I only purchased the minimum) by CODING THEM AWAY! Thankfully, I was able to stop the madness and reverse my purchase tonight. Natalie was gracious enough to do that. (However, I think even Natalie knows that's the law.) So I ask you, is all this ok with you? You give me back my 206 minutes...I'll keep my phone. Otherwise, I will ship the NOW USELESS phone with this letter to Mr. Diaz at Shame on You. Maybe he's interested in learning how much money you all make by stealing from customers like myself ! (Apparently you all make so MUCH that you don’t care about losing

customers.) Oh, btw, I will also direct him to the Web where he can find even more horror stories. cc: Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_48707#


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616af95d, 2010-04-01, 10:36AM CDT

i tottaly agree with you.i am going through the same thing right now,but i lost 20 min so far and still dont have my phone working yet.getting very mad smokeysoush

637b7ce0, 2010-11-14, 11:23PM CST

Mam, our policy clearly states that after your service days are up all of your current minutes expire.

lisa a., 2013-07-19, 11:19PM CDT

my phone was on the charger when it suddenly lit up, i thought the battery was fully charged but when i picked it up the screen said .12 minutes detucted. ???? my phone was not in use!

peter w., 2014-05-16, 01:46AM CDT

I have had tracfone for years. Within the last few months minutes are being deducted on a regular basis. Even when the phone is off. Dealing with this co. is a nightmare. It takes hours to even reach someone. The theft is automated, the lack of human customer service is part of their plan, of theft. never will I spend a penny or recommend tracfone.

J T., 2014-05-29, 08:42PM CDT

Nice to know 9 years from the original post, tracfone is still stealing minutes routinely throughout the years. One of my phones wasn't taking or receiving calls so they reprogrammed it; and wiped out all airtime, mins/txts/mb. A 1Hr27min phone call with a really stupid tech and her lazy uppity head supervisor got nowhere. These dopes wanted me to buy more airtime. They stole the minutes once, they'll do it again. I know, I saw them do it.

One email to [email protected] and a 5min50sec call to the action line got my airtime back.

Don't take any crap from these clowns.

william h., 2014-06-25, 05:40PM CDT

I have used a tracfone for five years and until the last couple of months I had no complaints until they started stealing my airtime. I only use the phone rarely but I ran out of airtime before the last cycle ended but this cycle with only 16 days into the 90 day cycle, my airtime has already expired. I contacted tracfone, in India I suppose, and after 20 minutes some supervisor told me, like I was an idiot, that incoming calls and text counted as airtime, like stupid old American wouldn't know that. Well, that is it for me and tracfone, I've got 74 days left in my paid cycle and no airtime but I wouldn't buy another minute if it was the only service available in the world.

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