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October 7, 2005

I ordered a Little Tykes Cookin Sounds Gourmet Kitchen from on 9/19/05 for my daughters birthday on 10/4/05. On the website it states that the item is in stock and will leave the warehouse within 2 business days. With the 7-11 days shipping time the gift should have been to us in time for the birthday. On the evening of the birthday I rechecked my order confirmation letter and saw that they charged my credit card on 9/22/05 and that the estimated ship date was 9/23/05. (Already a few days past the promised 2 days.) I also checked the status of my order and it said it was in the processing stage (not the shipped stage) and I had not received the promised second email that I should have sent to me after my item had shipped. I then called and was told that the item was being shipped directly from the vendor and they were unable to find out at that time what happened to my order. I was told that within 48 hours they would contact me as to the status of the order and they would put a tracer on it. A few hours shy of 48 I called back to check up on things and was told that I was told wrong information and it would actually be 5 business days before the vendor is required to reply. I then asked to speak to a manager who continued to blame the vendor. I don't care who's at fault, the blame should still be on since that is who I was doing business with. I asked to just cancel the order so that I may buy the gift elsewhere. She informed me that they cannot refund me unless they know for sure that the item has not shipped out and they will not contact me before 10/11/05. And she also stated that the vendor actually has 11 days from the estimated ship date to begin shipping. This is getting rediculous! I never would have made this purchase had I known it would take this long. Now as it stands Sears has my money and they still have the merchandise. My husband and I have both called Sears and and all they do is put the blame on someone else we cannot speak to. No one will help us. At this point I just want a refund and I will tell everyone I know not to do business with any part of Sears.


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