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Ford Motor Company

October 6, 2005

I bought a new 2003 crown victoria from Golf Mill Ford .....I am a senior citicen with not the best eye sight.....three years after I bought the vehicle I noticed a rust spot on the roof of the car in the groove where the roof joins the rubber molding not seeing too well at first I thought it was a leaf stuck on the car unfortunatly at this time I twisted my ancle and couldnt drive for three weeks well when I got to the dealer three years and three weeks after the purchase of the vehicle I was really treated shabbily with conflicting storries the run around to make a long story short what I was told I should have gotten to the dealer three weeks earlier too bad enjoy your rust not our problem we dont fix that I AM IN SHOCK THAT THIS CAN HAPPEN A THREE YEAR OLD VEHICLE THAT IS RUSTING OUT BEFORE MY EYES PLEASE HELP ME the best they could offer me was to try to sell me a new car you can reach me

they wouldnt even get me the phone number of corprate what are my recourses i really cant afford a new car I bought this one to last me to the end of my driving days guess its the bus for me

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