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Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

Company: Moda Furniture Sofa and Loveseat


Category: Furniture

I wish I had searched this site before shopping at this store. In April 2005 my husband and I purchased a sectional sofa from Moda Furniture in Fairfield. Two days later we closed on our house and found out the sectional was going to be too small for our living room. I was able to cancel the order and took a store credit. Andrea the customer service rep advised we should return to the store and re-select. We went back that day and found out the sectional we ordered can be made as a sofa/loveseat. We were ready to place the order with Giacomo, but he was too busy to give us pricing so he asked that we call him. We called and called and called, not once did we get a call back. I called the corporate office a month later livid. I finally got a price and that night we went and placed the order. We were told 8-10 weeks for delivery. I did not leave with a very comfortable feeling so I called six weeks later and asked for a status. I was told by Jamie everything was okay and that I had a few weeks to go. I agreed. Well you could manage my surprise when I called on the 12th week only to be told that the fabric was on back order and it would be another 4 weeks. At that point I started demanding my money back. That's when Andrea got involved. She offered everything, discount, temporary furniture. I told her no and I want my money back. She promised that the delivery would be on time. She called two weeks later and told us the furniture company didn't make loveseats and it was going to cost a fortune and that Moda was going to pickup the difference, but I would need to wait another 4 weeks. I lost my mind at that point. Had a file a complaint with NJ Div of consumer affairs. They took it upon themselves to order the piece WITHOUT giving us the option of our money back and then lied and said my husband authorized it! This got escalated to Andrea's boss Mike who told me they ordered the piece and were proceeding like nothing is wrong and I wasn't getting my money back. I am totally sick over this. It's been six months and I still do not have my furniture. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from this aggravation, do not shop at this store.



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