Magic Chef range/oven - Model P6498VTV, Ser.#S0lC34140780l

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Company: Magic Chef range/oven - Model P6498VTV, Ser.#S0lC34140780l

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Magic Chef range/oven - Model P6498VTV, Ser.#S0lC34140780l

October 5, 2005

We purchased this appliance from Rudy's Appliances in Visalia, California in February of 1994, for our new home. It has been a great stove. However, last year,after being away from home for several weeks, we returned home to hear a beeping noise coming from the oven with a neon- type code flashing in the oven door. I read the service manual and stopped the beeping by pressing the Stop/Clear pad. The beeping occurred again during the night and after several other occurrences we unplugged the unit. Of course this means we must light the burners manually and must plug in the oven again to use it. (I did check with an appliance repair service and they told me it was not harmful to use - but would be very annoying). I was also told that it would cost about $280 to correct this problem.

Other than the beeping, the range is like new. I have never needed to use the automatic cleaning feature on the oven and wonder what would cause this beeping to occur. We are away from home much of the time and the appliance is currently disconnected. Any explanations and suggestions would be helpful. Is this an unusual problem with the stove?

Charlotte & Gary

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