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October 5, 2005

716 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 821-1450 Made a reservation to dealer by phone for a 26 foot truck one week before I needed to move my business. Talked with Kellee who stated that she was the manager. I told her that I MUST have the big truck because I had only two days to move...and these people had screwed me once before on a local personal move and gave me the smallest truck they had. She promised me the large truck, took my information and CC number and gave me a reservation number. Kellee called me the night before I went to pick up the truck and asked me if I still needed it. I said "Yes...and it must be the BIG truck." I told her that I had to be out of my old place by the end of the next day and I had hired temporary help to assist me in this move. She said "OK!" Of course, I now suspected the worst, but had no choice because it was already the evening prior...and the last day of the month...not exactly the best time to look for a last minute replacement. Showed up the next morning precisely at 8:00am with my "confirmed reservation" number in hand. After waiting 30 minutes in line, as is customary for U-Haul, I gave my name and reservation to the "guy" (didn't get his name) at the counter. His reaction was immediately rude and defensive...almost as if he had been warned that I would show up! He simply said "We don't have any trucks!" and looked down and pretended to work on the computer. I argued with him that the lot was FILLED with trucks...including two of large type I needed. He retorted that "they're all reserved!" He ignored my response that I had a reservation, too, and that Kellee called ME last night to confirm it! I demanded to speak with Kellee , the manager. When the imbecile clerk's eyes glanced toward the back room, I knew that Kellee was hiding back there and was avoiding me. He said that she "wasn't here." I demanded that he call her. He refused...and certainly he must have had her home, cell, or Nextel number SOMEWHERE! Anyway, to make a long story short, we argued, he refused to let me have the either of the large trucks (which were still on the lot, by the way, when I returned the truck the next day) but he finally relented and gave me a tiny 14-footer. It was in such bad condition that I couldn't get it started several times, most of the lights didn't work, and it was such a rattle-trap that the windshield wipers would go on, the driver's door would pop open, and the mirrors would bounce out of adjustment whenever I hit a bump on the road. Because of their refusal to give me the promised truck, I had to make 8 round-trips from my old business location to my new location. (I could have done it in 3 trips with the truck size I was promised.)Also, I had to disassemble some very expensive equipment that would have fit right into the truck I was promised. I had to destroy one piece of equipment that was 20 feet long and couldn't be disassembled to fit the mini-truck. Their lie cost me HUNDREDS of extra dollars in pay for the hired help, extra mileage charges, destroyed equipment, etc. Don't use U-Haul. They can't be trusted and you'll get screwed! The only good part of this story is that when I returned the truck, I was "served" by Kellee. She asked me "How did the move go?" I subjected her to, without a doubt, the longest and rudest answer I've ever given to anyone who has treated me so badly. (And I'm a really nice guy, too!) KELLEE LIES! U-HAUL BASTARDS! DON'T LET YOUR PLANS AND SCHEDULE BE DESTROYED BY COUNTING ON THESE JERKS!

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