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October 5, 2005


Houghton House, Emperor Way, Doxford International Park, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

SR3 3XR To whom it may concern I purchased a Citroen Saxo VTS in December 2003 with Reg Vardeys Stoke. I have written this letter of complaint because I have had so many problems with this vehicle and the way Reg Vardeys has helped me is totally unacceptable. It has caused me such inconvenience and Stress. I have been going to Reg Vardeys Stoke over the last 2 years on average 5 times a month with complaints with my vehicle. The problems I have had and the way they have been solved, I wish to express in this letter. Problems with the vehicle Vibrating Pedal – Visits x10 times

Heavy knocking sound under engine - Visits x6 times

Uneven Tick over - Visits x2 times

Continuing blowing rear bulb - Visits x2 times

Flooding Noise in dash board ( Faulty heater Matrix) Visits x2 times

Oil Leak in gear box - Visits 1 time (Engine mount)

Central locking not working - (Faulty Door loom) Visits x2 times

Paint flaking off front bumper and wheel arches - Visits x2 times

Oil vapour funnel came apart. - x3 Told to do this myself

My first complaint was the accelerator pedal vibrating heavily at 4000 revs. I have taken the vehicle in 10 times for this problem and each time I was told that the problem was fixed. Continuing to hassle the service department about the on going problem I was informed that the design of the engine caused this and it was common to all Saxo VTS’s and nothing can be done. I argued at this and asked for Citroen technical to be involved. I was given a ref number. Once again my vehicle was booked in time and time again. I would pick the vehicle up and the vibration would still be there. Finally it got to the stage were I was told nothing could be done, yet, I still had a vibrating pedal. I contacted Citroen UK again and my car went in once again! This time they put a weight on the accelerator cable! At last, this solved the problem. Why was I told that the problem could not be fixed and why did I have to keep on at Reg Vardey’s TIME AND TIME again! to get the problem sorted? My second complaint was a knocking sound under the exhaust. I had a new exhaust kit fitted. I drove away within seconds the knocking sound returned. I was booked in again not right away but I had to wait another week for the problem to be looked. Again the vehicle was looked at. Between the exhaust and engine they greased the connection as I was informed that the copper grease had evaporated. Since when does copper grease evaporate! It was tested and all was ok. With a week the knocking noice returned. I returned to Reg Vardeys and the greased the connection again.


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