Uniden marine radio / service

Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 5e7152de

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Uniden marine radio / service

October 4, 2005

Uniden website wont even let you send your e-mail after a lengthy process. Hangups and really dont care when you do get a person on the phone.

Here is the problem I tried to send to them., Yes I should have sent the 2nd radio in sooner, but..


the company knows their junk and rely on consumers just disposing of them when they break in the first few months rather than mess with the crap and time it takes to send them back.

This is the 2nd radio we had go bad within a short time. The first I just chalked up to experiance, This HH955 #85001325 was used infrequently for one season when it stopped transmitting!

It was placed in its box and placed on a shelf! I replaced it with another brand radio still working fine. I get around to looking into service and see that it Was covered for three years... damn if I had only known. reciept...dated 11/17/00 we bought two of them for 89.99 ea on sale @ west marine one for our club to raffle. I see the new versions are 99.00. I wanted to request a waver of the flat rate as when you recieve this radio back, (if you will) you will see its pristine lack of use and like new in original box condition.

should you restore my feelings about Uniden, I would not prominently display this radio for all of our club's members advertisement and my frequent reminders of distrust.

In other words I would rather paint it yellow on display than throw away $70.00 in repair of the same unit making a total expendature for this unit $160. a better product can be purchased at simular or less $.

Feel free to contact me with any questions if you care.


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