Complaining about Petsmart customers that complain

Posted on Tuesday, November 1st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 80505450

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Complaining about Petsmart customers that complain

October 31, 2005

This might not make alot of sense but i want to complain about customers that complain about Petsmart. I've read most of the complaints about petsmart and find it very funny that every single person that complained about my store basically said every petsmarts bad and that they'll never

shop there again. to be completely honest good, we dont want you to shop at petsmart if all you will do is complain about everything. I have some great customers that i've met in the three years i;ve worked at petsmart, but i've also had some rly bad ones. but even though i've had bad customers and have

even cried because of customers doesnt mean i'm going to say that all petsmart customers are horrible and all associates about to work at petsmart shouldn't because there horrible. its wrong, because 98 percent of the petsmart stores rly do care about animals. i have 3 kittens that i've saved

from bieng killed at shelters. my fiancee and i have fostered for two years, and have saved over 250 cats. now is that a petsmart employee that does not care. I do not think so. heres some advice for customers. friday, sat, and sunday are busy days. alot of people like to shop on weekends, and even if

we have all five registers open and all our customer service people working we will still have lines. sorry. 2. sometimes we do not always have the item you want in stock, 1. you shouldnt wait till you have no food to get food. 2. we do have phones, call us, we'll check and see if we have it in stock,

we'll put it on hold for you, and we'll even bring it up front. you'll save gas, and time. 3. you say we never order things, but we do, sometimes corporate or the manufacturer companies will only let us order so much. also...if you had a bad day, or your husband died an hour ago...1. were sorry. 2. if your husband died an hour ago what in gods name are you doing in a store and 3. were not the bad ones, dont treat us all like were dirt. we work hard, we have families and animals and a life, we understand but nice. its not our fault. also...our stores do not carry everything online does. online is like 5 petsmart can not carry what five can. plus onlines cheaper. i'm sorry i'm complaining, really i'm a nice person. but it hurts to read things like this as an employee of petsmart because i'm not a bad person, and not every petsmart is bad. not every employee is bad. and the petsmart stores do care about homeless pets. and sometimes we have to do things a certain way because corporate says so. you realize, that when corporate comes into our store and if were against

policies and procedures everyone could lose there job. just time you all want to complain or say that all petsmarts are horrible and petco (ewe) is better....think about what your saying. think about the other people at petsmart who did nothing to you. if there was one person that really was rude, talk to petsmart corporate...i can assure you that they will not tolerate rude people. but please dont blame other assocaites or innocent people for a bad day or experience.

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9d2d5e58, 2008-08-14, 12:19AM CDT

I used to work for petsmart for 2 years. that is crap. Petsmart is horrible. it's a horrible corrupt company. Corporate people are corrupt as well and only care about the money and do not care about the pets. I have seen so many animals mistreated. It's a horrible horrible company and as a former employee i will never bring my pets there or buy one from them.

2226edbc, 2009-08-02, 12:21PM CDT

Petsmart is terrible, I took my dog in for a hair groom and he came back 5 hours later cut in 2 places and looked terrible. I called the corporate to complain but said they could not do anything but offer me a 10% off my next grooming. Ha ha ha ! I will never take him there and will continue to tell everyone I meet not to take there dog there and I hope their reputation gets ruined. Yes, they are dogs but still should not be treated this way!

c458eec9, 2012-05-07, 08:16PM CDT

Petsmart?? Try Petnotsosmart..we took in a stray kitten who lost her mother..she had a really bad case of the point it was dripping out of her as she walked, ate and even slept..due to financial problems we are unable to afford taking her to a we visited our local Petnotsosmart..the employees acted as if we were putting them one would help us, we would ask them questions about feline diarrhea...they would half ass answer our girl insisted we needed to get a probiotic treat..we were we gave it a try..our new little girl eats like a pig however after two days of the probiotic bs one a day she became lethargic, couldn't open her eyes long enough to eat..she had no energy..we became worried..threw the probiotic away..and drove immediately to Petco we were immediately shown a anti-diarrheal medicine..after only four doses she was back to eating like a little piglet and no poops..Petnotsosmart nearly killed her and NO we will not be returning to another love that place so much you can keep it matter of fact sit on it and twirl for all I care..that place will never ever see my money again..

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