GE Refrigerator Model# GSS201EPHWW

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Company: GE Refrigerator Model# GSS201EPHWW

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GE Refrigerator Model# GSS201EPHWW

October 31, 2005

GE Refrigerator Model# GSS201EPHWW

I purchessed a new home. In doing so I purchess the above product with 05 year warranty. I have had service calls done 03 times in less than a year and waiting on 04 call.

This product leaks water and spits out metal parts with the ice. Also, resulting from water leak the fan freezes up and refrigerator becomes non cooling.

I have lost all food stored once and on my way to my second loss.

The latest repair was completed OCT.26 2005 , the next day I was back with same problem.

A request for service was made OCT.2 8 2005 with a promise of repair OCT.29 2005, GE Service was a no show.

Again a request was made OCT 31 2005. They schuled it for NOV 03 2005.

Once again this refrigerator will totally quit resulting in loss of everything contained in it before repair.

Under warranty they do reinburst my loss of perishables.

I will never purchess a GE product again

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