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Company: DO NOT BUY LAZY BOY!!!!!!!!

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October 30, 2005

LazBoy… Lazy employees… Don’t make the mistake we did! Our Sofa Hunt… We drove past the store a few times on our search, but never stopped in because we thought the price would have been way out of our league. I wish we never heard the commercial about the President’s Day Sale. We should have kept on driving past the store because I have never received service like I recently received from the LazBoy store on Rt. 4 East in Paramus NJ. We stopped in and found that with the sale, we could afford a reclining sofa. We were so excited. I remember sitting on one sofa and almost falling asleep. Finally we discovered one that we both fell in love with immediately. We flipped through the chart and chose a color then began our hunt for a sales person. I was surprised that no one approached us but didn’t think much of it and hunted down someone to help us. We found a lovely lady who was polite and knowledgeable. She explained everything well and went through the paperwork with us. We set up delivery for two weeks from that day and we were told to contact the delivery company the day prior to the delivery between 2pm and 4pm to verify the time. We waited 2 weeks, excited and eager to receive our new comfortable LazBoy reclining sofa and reclining rocking chair. I called on Friday from work in the small window I was permitted to call, about 2:15pm, and left a message with the delivery company. I continued to work and at 4:45pm, I realized they never called back. I called the delivery company back and got the machine again. I started to get butterflies in my stomach but ignored them, hung up and called again. Finally someone answered. I gave him my information and he told me another delivery office was handling the delivery. I called them, and so the Rolla coaster ride began. When I called the other office they told me they had no record of our delivery. I put them on hold and called the young lady that took care of us at the store. She told me she would look into it and call me back. I went to the other line and the manager/supervisor of the delivery company told me that there was nothing he could do; they didn’t have our merchandise or our invoice. I immediately called my husband. I was at work and couldn’t handle this situation. The woman called me back and told me the sofa was damaged in delivery and they were not delivering it. I gave her my husband’s number and to her to call him. He spoke with them and asked for the manager and spoke with a male named Don. Let’s put it this way, we will not be naming any of our children after him! My husband called me and told me Don was very rude and basically told him that we were out of luck and we can get our money back. I decided to call and speak with Don, myself. He was rude and told me that there was nothing he could do and that we would need to speak with the manager the next day. When Don spoke with husband he told him that he would take off the delivery charge and give us 10% off. When I spoke to Don he told me that he wasn’t certain that he could do that. I told him I wanted to speak with someone that could make decisions. He told me no one was there and to call back the following morning. My husband and I were furious with Don’s unprofessional service and rude attitude towards the situation. We had canceled our plans for that day to get our merchandise delivered and now we weren’t getting it. I called the following day, about noon, and spoke with Don again. Don informed me that the manager had left for the day and asked why I didn’t call earlier. I informed Don that I had made plans and was not aware the manager Michael was leaving so early on a Saturday knowing there was a situation he needed to take of. I would have thought he would have tried to call us, but why should I expect that, they didn’t call us the prior day to tell us they weren’t delivering my furniture. We let it go through the weekend and followed up with the store on Monday. My husband spoke with Linda, another manager. My husband told her that he wanted to come in and choose another sofa and chair and have it delivered the following weekend. She agreed. We drove to the store again to choose another sofa and chair. We were restricted, of course, to the ones they had in stock, otherwise we would have to wait 8 weeks. We chose the same sofa and chair in a different color. We again set up delivery for the following Saturday and we were giving a discount that we felt was fair for the struggles we suffered, thus far. We didn’t think there was any way anything could go wrong this time. We figured they would do everything to make sure our delivery went according to plan. Yep, we were wrong. That Friday we got a call that our merchandise would be delivered between 12pm and 3pm. Again we got excited and planned our day accordingly. Saturday came and at about 11am I got a call from the delivery company telling me that the truck delivering our merchandise broke down and needed an alternator. He assured me the merchandise would be on it’s way shortly but would be an hour or 2 late. I called my husband and he called Linda to find out what was going on. Linda checked up on it and confirmed the information we had gotten. My husband called me and told me that Linda said we could expect the delivery about 5:30pm. We waited again and at about 6:45pm we got a call from the driver of the delivery van. He told me that his van had no headlights and no brake lights and that he was unable to deliver the merchandise. Now I was angry. I calmly told him that it was unacceptable and that it needed to be delivered, I then gave the phone to my husband and picked up the other phone to call the LazBoy store directly. I asked for Linda and was put on hold. A man picked up the phone and guess who it was… Linda had gone home for the day and Don was in charge. I started to explain the situation to him and guess what his answer was, yep, you’ll have to wait until Monday. I asked him for Linda’s cell phone number or to call Linda and have her contact us and that wasn’t an option. I got back on the phone with the deliveryman and he began to tell me how sorry he was. I told him the story thus far and we spoke for a while. He told me about his pregnant wife and how she was due the following day. He then told me his dispatcher had left for the day and all the customers were yelling at him and he didn’t know what to do but he would deliver our furniture. He told me he would be at my place approximately 8:09pm. I hung up and gave my husband this information, suspecting we would not receive our merchandise. At 8:20pm I called the delivery person back and he told me that he wasn’t coming and that the dispatcher was suppose to call us to tell us this. Once again I called the store and spoke to Don. Don informed me that the dispatcher called and told him that we had “cursed his driver out and they didn’t have to deliver furniture”. I immediately called the driver back and confirmed that this was untrue. I decided to let it go until Monday. Well it’s Saturday night and my living room is empty. I have no idea when or if I will get the furniture that we paid for in full. DO NOT BUY LAZBOY!


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3e66325e, 2008-06-29, 01:25PM CDT


I have read your complaint and really your problem is not with the quality of the furniture but the ineptitude of the people that work for lazyboy...they all have very poor work ethic standards!

You should have gotten free lamps or something better for your struggle...taken out of Don's/Linda's pay check!

The company should repremand and fire some of these people!

Hopefully you now have furniture in your living room;)

1e412dd1, 2009-10-14, 09:09AM CDT

I have a lazy boy sofa,3 lazyboy chairs,all older then 5 years.I NEVER had any problem with them,always had good service including warranty service.I hate to hear about things like this happening.I hope things improve for you in the future.

131b070d, 2011-01-27, 05:02PM CST

Great to know. I almost bought $7000.00 worth of furniture from them today, and was told that there would be a significant wait, and that they were unable to give me a time when the furniture would be delivered. So, having read your email, we will go elsewhere. Thanks!

d75e250d, 2011-02-11, 07:11AM CST

You poor soul, I used to work for a furnitureware house over 10 yrs ago. They were the worst i had ever seen in my life, I learned a lot. If i were you I would call the news and the company. Don't call the driver or the sales person any more. When you get it's all said and done they would be more than happy too give you and thing free. Once these driver bring the furniture in your home and it's no good they will not come back. Check your things before they live your house. Thank you for this infor i was getting ready to buy a sofa and love seat. By now I thought things had gotten better in the frurnitureware house. I see nothing has change. These company's need too be takeing down, not just your time and money. Good luck to you. Don't give up I'm sure your not the first, make it be the last.

26de2953, 2012-11-05, 09:52PM CST

So what is the real problem here? The furniture was damaged during delivery. Some things cannot be controlled by the store or sales staff. The problem is that you didn't want to wait for undamaged replacements. You want them to produce rabbits out of a hat? This is really a silly complaint.

19e54443, 2014-01-03, 01:14PM CST

Accidents happen. Poor communication with customers shouldn't. I worked with a office furniture company in sales. Sold a expensive desk, secretarial desk and other pieces. they were custom built and took a year to be built. The worst thing that could happen did. When unloading the truck they dropped the desk. When calling the manufacturer, they said it would take another year to replace the broken desk. It was my job to tell the customer. My company loaned him a desk until his desk came in. It was extremely difficult to call the customer to tell him what happened. But I did. In a few week minor problem the store could have handled this problem much better. Maybe they did and the customer was unreasonable. Anyway all companies make mistakes, how they handle them tells how good they truly are. I am sure it is not the policy of Lazy Boy to treat customers this way. If this is true contact cooperate office, itt would have been handled.....

86b3779f, 2014-06-17, 11:14AM CDT

I've had LaZboy living room furnishings since 1995, sofa and loveseat, and never have had any problem. Fabric has held up amazingly well in a brightly lit room with little fade. Am buying new LaZboy for our new house.

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