standard chartered bank credit card

Posted on Sunday, October 30th, 2005 at 11:00pm CST by 71e7274a

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standard chartered bank credit card

October 30, 2005

Good Day,

I have been banking with Standard Chartered since 2000. I was holding a credit card number 5543 7480 8801 9549 and also have my saving account (NRE) with your bank. i shifted my residence in delhi this year in April. my credit card had expired in april too. i got my address changed for the credit card over telephone, and the new card was delivered to my new address. subsequently i was informed by the bank that they had issues with the change of address and a verification needed to be done which though i agreed to never happened. every time i called up the bank regarding this i was talking with a new call centre executive ending in a loop. thereafter i never received any billing statement for my account at my residence. i stopped using my card after a while as i did not receive any bills for the same. i was contacted by a bank executive regarding my bill. on 17.october.2005. on 18.october.2005 i made a payment of Rs. 9600 by cheque (collected by Mr. ravi katriya receipt number SCB 123420) this amount Rs. 9600 was towards the principal amount (the amount i had actually spent). today i received another letter from Standard chartered dated 25.10.2005 reagring non receipt of any payment and threatening to place my account in the industry wide negative bureau and reminding me that this may lead in the denial of subsequent credit facility. This whole scenario has been very painful, n anguishing for me. I do not need credit from your bank or any other for that matter. this card too was almost forced down on me by ur executives hell bent on getting their commission. i have made prompt payment of the principal outstanding. i refuse to pay up interest on a bill which never was delivered to me. instead of u threatening to report me to the industry wide negative bureau maybe i should consider taking your bank to the consumer court for the harassment, mental trauma n the question mark u placed on my integrity. im herewith ending my relationship with your bank totally. im closing my account with your bank, im cancelling all my cards issued by your bank. and i will strongly advice all my coworkers (im in the merchant navy) to have nothing to do with your bank. i consider the payment made by me to be the full n final settelement for my account. again i reiterate that i will not pay interest on a bill which i never received because of your administrative faults.

thanking you,


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rumil d., 2013-06-06, 04:59AM CDT

good day,,this is a matter of follow up for my standard credit card,,i was received a text from standard chartered confirming that i was approved last may 21 , 2013 , and it will deliver after 3 banking days ,but until now i was not able to received it. What happened for my credit card? i am Rumil Dolor of calumpang, Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines. thank u very much.

Nisith M., 2014-06-29, 12:48PM CDT

STANDARD CHATTERED BANK IS CHEAT COMPANY THEY WILL TRY EARN MONEY BY UNETHICAL WAY THEY ARE HARASSING ME EVEN AFTER, I CLEARED MY DUES ON TIME 10 YERARS BACK My SCB Card Account No: 5543 7576 8043 8924,paid my dues by due date in the month of oct 2005 ,after complaining they reversed the late fee not the interest charge of 175 rupees .That amount has multiplied now to more than 40 thousand and my name is in CIBIL REPORT, I AM GETTING THREATENING CALLS FROM RECOVERY DEPARTMENT,CAN ANY ONE HELP ME

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