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UPS & Staples

October 27, 2005

Staples store at 721 N Coast Highway, Newport, Oregon 97365 and UPS between Newport, Oregon and Moses Lake Washington.

I boxed up and sent my computer to my brother in Moses Lake Washington for upgrade and maintenance. My husband, who packs and ships parts and accessories on a daily basis for Napa made sure that it was secure. He put my e machine into a heavy duty box, and then packed it with the heavy air pillows so that it would minimize the jarring of my computer. He then took it to the Staples store so that we could send it UPS, since we weren't sure that the Post Office would take good care of it.

Staples accepted the package, and we BOUGHT THEIR INSURANCE on the box for $1,000. The woman behind the counter even asked what was in the box, and was told that it was a computer tower. With all of the extra software in the computer, and the fact that MY ENTIRE LIFE was on the hard drive, made us take the extra precaution.

When the box arrived at my brothers house, it was broken open on the CORNER!!!! and covered with dirt. he waited to open it until he called me to find out what I wanted to do about it. I told him to open it and find out if the computer was ok, he said no it wasn't since the computer was sticking out the break in the box. the computer was filled with dirt, the face plate was completely smashed off of it, and the entire unit was crooked. He sent me digital photos of the mess that was my computer.

my husband called the number on the receipt for the shipping and they told us they would get back to us when they had investigated the claim. 6 days later, we called them and they advised that they had not investigated yet, but that they would within the next 3 business days. on the third day, they called my brother, and talked to him about the problem. then they had him send photos, SINCE THEY HAD NO ONE TO GO TO HIS HOUSE TO INSPECT THE PACKAGE OR THE DAMAGE. then they told my husband that they would contact him and let him know. 3 more days passed and he received a call that they were denying my claim, since it was improperly packaged....... so we went higher up the chain and ended up with the supervisor telling us yesterday that they were still denying my claim since the box was improperly packed.

so now, I am not only out all of the information that was on my computer since my brother couldn't even get the hard drive to boot up when he extracted it and hooked it up to his computer that he uses for maintenance and repair of computers, but I am out the $160 worth of technical support for him trying to salvage some of my information (my brother loves me, but has a business to run and so I get a discount and only have to pay $40 an hour instead of the $65 he normally charges) BUT I AM ALSO OUT THE MONEY THAT IT TOOK TO BUY ANOTHER COMPUTER. I don't understand why they can get away with charging extra for insurance when all they have to do is say that they are not going to pay anything on it, WITHOUT EVEN SEEING THE DAMAGE. this is wrong. I trusted them and they damaged my stuff and then looked down their nose at my problem.


PO Box 2342

Newport, OR 97365

new business customer of DHL

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aee0541a, 2009-01-23, 02:48PM CST

shipping a computer without backing up all your files on an external device first is ASKING for trouble. of course, a customer should expect shipments to arrive undamaged, but to ship a computer without backing up any important files is irresponsible. even if you can get UPS to reimburse you the $1000 insurance, you are the only one who could have prevented the loss of your files.

f634d5da, 2010-03-05, 01:27PM CST

I would take them to Small claims court. They should not be able to rip you off with insurance and not follow through. Or the representative should be reguired to package. I would take it to Local Newspaper or email ORiley, He enjoys taking on rip offs. Sorry for your loss.. Keep telling the public.. And they will tell others etc.... SHAME ON THEM!!!!!! Customer is always right.. If you wish to continue having customers!!! Or don't be in business!!!!!

883b1b5e, 2011-01-25, 04:20PM CST

541-574-0006 main UpS office newport

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