Precision Tune Auto Care in Raleigh, NC (4808 Spring Forest Rd.)

Posted on Friday, October 28th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 004c412b

Company: Precision Tune Auto Care in Raleigh, NC (4808 Spring Forest Rd.)

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Precision Tune Auto Care in Raleigh, NC (4808 Spring Forest Rd.)

October 27, 2005

We had some brake work done on the front end of our Toyota on Sept. 2005 for $85.99. All that needed to be done was shave the rotors as the pads were fairly new, but obviously they screwed up something because the brakes were making a chip noise when applied to the rotor now. It did not do that before we brought it in, so I had a right to be concerned. I brought it back a few weeks later and discussed with the manager (Richard) who is obviously not trained in customer service, so don't let him fool you. He can get angry very easy and likes to flip customers off in their face as it happened to me just recently. He also walked from behind the counter to challenge me as well and he walked all the way to my car following me yelling... I was really shocked and concerned for my safety! Long story short... We brought it back and they found that a backing plate on the brake pad was making the noise. It took forever for me to convince them and for me to almost diagnose it myself. They fixed that issue, but just a few days ago we had another problem come up. Almost like the caliper is not tight? Only happens at low speeds while applying the brakes and not all the time. I told him about this yesterday and that's when he blew up at me really bad. I told him I would turn them into the Attorney General, BBB and do whatever I could to get him removed from Precision Tune and get my money back. Come to find out they don't have a good record with the BBB already. That was not pleasing to read. This is an ongoing issue and just happened on 10/26/05. If you need more info look at the BBB for this Co. Watch out for Richard, he's a bad person and lacks customer service skills!

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6c9f374e, 2011-04-06, 11:50AM CDT

I just tried to get my car inspected at the precision auto tune in Durham off of 55,54.It had to be the worst experence of my life first they would't pass it because of a small crack in the tail light, so i replaced they would pass it because of a bulb being out in my top rear brake light and that it would be 14.00 for labor and 2.50 for the bulb.Guess what it is an LED display and the light they said was out doesn't have an led in said spot.Went through hell with them and finally they realized I was correct there is no bulb in that location.I will never go to any precision tune again

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