American Standard Champion Toilets w/10year Flushing System Warranty

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Company: American Standard Champion Toilets w/10year Flushing System Warranty

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American Standard Champion Toilets w/10year Flushing System Warranty

October 27, 2005

On August 23, 2005, I purchased three American Standard Williamsburg Champion 2-piece toilets from the local Home Depot in San Rafael, California. I purchased these toilets to reduce the water consumption in my home and in one of my rental units. Additionally "American Standards Best Flushing System Ten-Year Worry Free Decade Warranty" appeared that they would stand behind their product.I will also admit, I was impressed with the American Standard video commercial showing how well the “new” American Standard flush system was capable of evacuating waste down the sewage line without the manual assist of a plumber’s helper, as is required with so many other low-flush toilets.

As a homeowner, but more importantly as a landlord and property manager, I can tell you that anything that reduces all the tenant calls on toilets that do not completely flush, constantly require plunging, or continuously back up would be a relief and woth the extra cost of changing older model low-flush toilets out..

In less than three months, all 3-toilets are completely inoperable. A defective, cheap $.05 plastic piece with a metal spring and retaining clip housed inside the flush tower, have all broken off the exclusive "American Standard" Flush valve system, thus rendering the commodes unable to flush and useless. Further, to make matters worse, the only way to repair the toilets is to obtain the exclusive American Standard flush tower system from American Standard, (which per the American Standard Customer Assistance hot line 1-800-442-1902, they are out of stock and on back order) remove/separate the commode tank from the commode bowl, remove the defective flush tower, install new flush tower, reattach toilet tank back to the bowl, test for leaks. Test for proper flush.

I have contacted American Standard, Jason in customer service and Gary Barrington -Director of Consumer Affairs. October 20, 2005 & October 25, 2005 they both said they would send replacement flush tower systems, and that American Standard would not reimburse me for having a plumber replace the defective flush system.

What I find so frustrating about the defective toilets, is that when American Standard’s new flush system fails, American Standard with their highly advertized “10-year warranty” will replace the defective .10 cent piece of plastic in the flush system or eventually send the consumer a whole new flush tower, but, the consumer, unless her/she is able to separate the tank from the bowl, remove the defective flush tower, install the replacement flush tower, install the seal gasket, reset the tank, level & tighten the tank (hope you kept the special American Standard tool to grip the nut to allow you to tighten the tank and don’t tighten the screws to much or you will crack the tank) must pay a plumber $100 to $200 to do the job and dispose of the useless old (new) tank.

PS: It is now October 27, 2005 and have not received any replacement flush system towers from American Standard.


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bcdcb928, 2008-01-10, 03:48PM CST

I have 18 rental units and 5 of them have these super flushing systems. They work great until that plastic piece pops out. If you are lucky enough to find the piece you put your fist through the wall in fustration trying to get the stupid spring and plastic piece back together.

462c5ac2, 2008-03-25, 10:53AM CDT

Bought 2 of these A.S. "Champion" toilets from Home Depot. They sold me 2 different years on th very same day. Failed to mention that to me.

Having problems with both w/in 1.5 years. Orange ring around base keeps folding and getting caught, thus water runs. This is no water saver for sure!

79d773f3, 2008-03-27, 11:06AM CDT

to give more recent experience, I had trouble after 2 years. I called American Standard consumer line at 800.387.0369. I was promptly helped. This was on 03/18/2008. On 3/1//2008 O received a redisigned tower with all the parts necessary to install (except the little tube wrench to pull down the bolts holding the tank to the bowl) including new gaskets, new tank to bowl bolts and nuts etc. as well as a special nylon wrench to remove the large nylon nut on the bottom of the tower and to install the new mechanism. I was quite pleased.

47676cc1, 2008-06-26, 08:28PM CDT

We are constantly having trouble with our American Standard commode flushing. Please help.

3fdb9689, 2008-09-30, 11:52AM CDT

I also have the same toilet, our home is about a year old, when you flush the toilet the outer piece on the flush tower drops to fast to evacuate the water in the bowl, this happened on day one of the installation.I too purchased this because of the wonderful flushing system.I have been on the internet trying to find a replacement, if you go to Home Depot and look at the new tanks, American Standard has changed there flushing system to something different, maybe to something that works or not.

32e263e7, 2010-05-13, 10:22AM CDT

I purchased my AS Champion toilet on 6/24/2004 and have had nothing but problems. Two days after installing the little clip fell off and was flushed. I tried to get a new one but the only way I could was to buy another toilet pull the clip off and return it. I have gone through 4 seals, 4 tank rings and I now have to use fishing line so I can flush it. Great product!!!NOT!! They don't seem to want to stand behind their product. Last one I will buy..Good Luck to anyone who does..

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