Cox Communications New Orleans, Louisiana

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Company: Cox Communications New Orleans, Louisiana

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Cox Communications New Orleans, Louisiana

October 27, 2005

Hurricane Katrina hit on August 28-29, 2005. I returned home from working in a suburban hospital for the entire storm to find that the communications lines leading into my home had been cut by someone attempting to loot my home. I promptly called the Cox Communications center at 504-304-8444 where I was greeted by an announcement stating that "There is no need to talk to a customer support representative, we know which homes have been effected." I held anyway and spoke with a representative she told me that they would not be making any attempts to repair individual homes as they were going street to street repairing their "grid." After weeks of driving in the hurricane disaster strewn streets I never saw a single Cox truck, nor did anyone that I knew...then I found an article that they were all sent to Baton Rouge to initiate new services for those who had relocated rather than repairing existing customers. I gave them two weeks and tried again...still I had seen no trucks as Bell South trucks swarmed the area repairing their customers homes. On or about the middle of September I wrote to the vice president of cox operations in New Orleans via email informing him that "live wires were hanging from the side of my home and throwing sparks." He referred me to a woman who was the "Operations Manager" and I spoke with her several times...shortly thereafter they repaired my cable and internet service, and left the telephone wire hanging from the side of the house even after I had made it explicit on every communication with Cox that the telephone was my primary concern because it enervates my alarm system--so by now, my house had been without protection because the police were not making reports at the time and I still had no telephone service. I spoke with the "Operations Manager" several times and finally there was an appointment made to repair my phone line on a day that I had to be at work and so did my partner my mother and father drove over 50 miles to be here to recieve the repair person who arrived only to tell them that "new orleans had not been cleared for telephone service repair" and then left (they waitied six hours for just this). Then the kicker, I recieved a bill for the entire period from the hurricane until september for the amount of $215.00. I paid the bill but as today is October 27th, there has been two months of a complete lack of service. In fact they still will not schedule a service appointment as of today. I have already made an order for Bell South to port my number over and it will be done promptly on November 15th, I will be more than happy to reduce my services from cox completely as other options make themselves known in New Orleans. Verne Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_50050#


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