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October 25, 2005


I am writing in regards to Zales Outlet in Kittery, Maine. I am a very disappointed customer.

Almost 1 year ago my now husband purchased my engagement ring from the Zales Outlet. I picked that ring because it was unique and I was unable to find anything similar at the many jewelry stores we browsed. He purchased the ring and it sat un-touched until he proposed on XMAS eve.Two days after I received the ring, a major stone fell out. I was so disappointed. The explanation we were given was that my fingers were too small for such a ring to be sized down. No one ever told my husband that. So our choices were to have that ring custom ordered in my size (which would take 2 months) or pick a new ring - they don't do returns. So I opted for the custom order since I loved the ring and it was the one my husband gave to me.

After two months I picked up my custom ring and went back to work. As I was typing at my desk, a major stone fell out again! I was so upset, that upon returning to the store, I was practically in tears. Even though I lost confidence in the quality of their jewelry, no refund could be given. The sales team explained that the style of ring might not be made for my size fingers. I had no choice but to pick a new ring. I picked a solitaire since I felt it would have the least chance of falling apart. I didn't want a

solitaire, but felt like I had no choice. I complained that we deserved to get an additional discount for all our troubles. After waiting and deciding, someone decided that 10% was fair. That's not fair considering I now have a ring that I don’t love. DO NOT shop at Zales Outlet. They do not pride themselves on quality or customer service. I wrote to the corporate office and never heard back. Thanks to them I now have a ring I don't particularly like, with no sentimental value. I make sure to spread the word to all my friends that Zales Outlet is not worth the time or money. Mainer Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_50185#


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18d0915b, 2007-11-21, 03:23PM CST

Thats funny the same exact thing happend to me but it was the normal zales store. They ended up having my wedding ring more than me and they gave me that same excuse. I also got 10 off of my new wedding ring I had to get

7ce54f1a, 2007-12-07, 11:50PM CST

I am so sorry to hear that your stones fell out of your rings. I have been a loyal customer to Zales for many mnay years and I have never once had anything to go wrong with my rings. I think that they are the best and I to am getting married soon and I look forward to my new ring from Zales. Sorry for your lost.

Happy In Michigan

2f7badab, 2008-02-11, 08:56AM CST

I have had a similar experience at Zales with a diamond anniversary band. In less than a year, one of my tiny accent diamonds fell out and they want $100 to replace it. It is a VERY small diamond, and the cost is pretty much for the labor. I was three months late in getting it inspected (every 6 months) for them to replace it for free. In my opinion, If I am going to spend that much money on a piece of jewelry, I shouldn't need to bring it back every 6 months to make sure that it will stay in one piece. I have a job where I travel a lot, and I am very busy. I am very unhappy with my purchase at Zales, and I encourage people to shop somewhere else.

bb3a897f, 2008-03-25, 02:00PM CDT

I too have learned the hard way not to shop at a Zale's outlet store. Their 70% off is a joke! My husband recently purchased a solitare ring enhancer for our 25th anniversary. Original price supposedly over 800.00. He purchased it for a little over 500.00 only to see the exact same ring at the regular Zale's store for 389.00. this was not our first purchase at the Zale's outlet, but will definitely be our last!!!!

af2eebb8, 2008-06-27, 09:26AM CDT

I have purchased several jewelry from Zales and EVERY SINGLE PIECE, a diamond fell out. It's funny, because I purchased a pair of diamond earings (at another place) to match my tennis bracelet and ring and three years later, no diamond fell out - keep in mind, Zales sells the same earrings.

9adf0592, 2008-09-09, 11:18AM CDT

Zales store is ok the outlet stores should be shut down ,,we just had same experience.,,,we even asked return policy and she said oh ya you have 15 days to return ,,,she didnt say no refunds ,no credit to your account ..they mis lead you they are LIERS

5c4b572d, 2008-09-15, 12:07PM CDT

I am going through the same thing right now with my engagement ring! My future husband and I looked all over trying to find just the right engagement ring for the right price. I was so happy when I finally found the ring Ive been dreaming of, untill I got it back after having it sized. Ive had to send my ring off so many times already to get the diamonds replaced and tightened and now im trying to exchange or return the ring, because whats the point of haviong an engagement ring that i have to send off every few months?! All the Zales Outlets and regular Zales i have called are giving me the run around and are just rude and unhelpful. So save your self the headach DONT SHOP ZALES OR ZALES OUTLET!!!

04d7aa58, 2008-09-27, 04:48PM CDT

You know whats really funny, I havent had a single issue with Zales or its sister company Gordons, but I have had more than my fair share of issues with the local zales outlet. My fiance took me there for my birthday and I purchased a necklace and earrings totaling $1100 which was outrageous to me, so I felt awful and insisted he take them back only to find out that they did not have a return policy. Well, that policy was not pointed out to me or my fiance and we signed every slip of paper because it took us an hour to get out of there, they were having issues with the computer. So, basically they said well sorry we'll extend your exchange period to 90 days instead of 15 days.. yay whatever. So I take it back and got 2 necklaces and a ring only to find out I paid more for both of the necklaces at the outlet then I would have had to in the actual store. How is that EVEN remotely comprehendable? They said the retail price of one of my necklaces was $799 and I got it on sale for $499 which I thought was a good deal til I saw it at the zales store exact same one same ctw and everything for $399. Wow oh wow. And to top that all off, my fiances zales credit card got charged 3 times. We called to see what to do the store led us to credit services, credit services led us back to the store, and now we dont know what to do! We're stuck footing the bill for 3 "purchases" 2 of which we didnt make!

1228d924, 2008-10-13, 03:05PM CDT

I had a similiar circumstance of a stone falling out. My fiance brought the ring in January 2005 and in May 2005 I mistakenly hit my hand against my car and the stone fell-out. My experience with Zales Outlet was pleasant though. I contacted the Corporate Office whom contacted the Outlet where the ring was purchased and the matter was resolved within 2 wks. They decided to provide me with a new ring that was the same style. The manager was very pleasant and was eager to please us since he wanted us to make referrals to family/friends. Also, the store (Outlet in LaGrange, IL) was newly opened when the ring was purchased. One thing I noticed though is that the new ring had 8 prongs where as the old one had 6 prongs. I mention that b/c obviously the lesser amount of prongs can make the diamond less secure. Well it's 2008 and the ring remains beautiful. I'm truly sorry to hear about your experience, and I would also be highly upset.

8b4be30a, 2008-10-27, 10:44AM CDT

wow! I'm sad to hear what happend to you. And just to think that me and my boyfriend was going to go there this weekend to find a ring. I will be sure not to go to any outlets. Hope that the solitier looks more stylish atleast.

284e98f9, 2008-12-27, 01:10PM CST

That's too bad. whatever sales rep sold my soon to be husband this engagement ring i recieved should be fired. It is cracked in two places. one of the greatest days of my life turned into yes, but babe my ring is cracked.

89ab67fd, 2009-01-14, 08:53PM CST

You know my boyfriend picked out a ring for me and told the sales lady that I wear a size 4.She then told him that if they sized it down it would be an oval shape.I've never had an issue with my ring size.

bd29c147, 2009-09-03, 08:42PM CDT

That is strange you DIDN"T know there was NO RETURN at the Outlet, as YOU have to initial the receipt where it STATES in BOLD print, "15 DAY EXCHANGE, NO RETURNS"

Don't you read what you sign??

749d8585, 2009-10-10, 08:59PM CDT

I went to a Zales Outlet and they returned my item and gave me great customer service. The sales guy told me all store now take returns. I love their merchandise.. I always get great service

38d0892e, 2009-11-12, 07:13PM CST

i so agree with you on this one- I got my wedding there and have regret very poor customer service- Ive always had problems with this particular jeweler store- never buying anyting again at zales

e826f2fc, 2009-12-19, 07:35PM CST

Their "lack of serviceablity," as I call

it is not limited to the outlet store. My daughter's pearl fell out a week after she got it from her boyfriend-and we're not talking about a tiny pearl!! She went back to Zales and was told they could not guarantee their rings and she should pay to get it fixed. I was livid. I called the corporate office and threw a fit. I let them know my mother bought me a pearl ring for my 15th birthday 45 years ago and hte pearl was still in that ring and my duaghter was wearing it. I told them SURELY a $15.00 ring from SEARS was all my mother could aford back then, but I had worn it all my life, through raising 7 children, working in the cotton gin, running combines, baling hay, doing laundry in a wringer washer and it was still there, so why was it theirs fell out in one week? They replaced the ring-not the pearl-the ring. My husband bouth my wedding rings there 35 years ago and I've never even had to go back to rebuild the points-- but that was before the Zale famliy sold out. My daughter's fiance recently bought her a $6000.00 engagement ring-and guess what? One of the diamonds has fallen out!!!!! Thank God she bought an insurance policy on it!!

5904cb3d, 2010-04-05, 02:27PM CDT

I could not agreem more with your decision to not visit or recommend Zales. They have no idea what customer service is or how much an engagement ring means to the bride.

My fiance and I got engaged 2 months ago. He got the ring at Zales Outlet and when I took it in to get sized they told me they were unable to size it down to my size, so we had to put in a special order to get the correct size. When I asked if I could take a look at other rings that they could size down they said that was not an option because my fiance had bought the ring more than a month before hand. They they told me it would be a 2-4 week process to get the ring created and back to the store. That was a complete lie. After waiting for 3 weeks, I called just to check on the status of the ring and they then told me it was an 6-8 week process (!!!) But to check back in 2 weeks to see where it was. So every 2 weeks I call in and all they can say is, 'oh it will be another 2 weeks.'. They are exceptionaly unprofessional and discourteous and they really don't care about you as a person or a customer. Everything about this has tainted my very short engagement experience and I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER step foot in the store again ~ after I FINALLY do get my ring...because I'm still waiting. Called today and it's been 2 months to the day, and guess what they said ~ it should be another 2 weeks.

0247bfd5, 2010-04-22, 01:05PM CDT

The regular stores are no better. My husband and I went in for simple white gold wedding bands. First, I thought we paid too much but did not have time to shop around. Although we ordered only 6 weeks before the wedding date they said my ring would be in one week prior. I went that day and every day and was told daily "not here yet" try tomorrow. So 48 hours before the wedding it finally comes in. But it was the wrong ring!!! They were less than sorry and did almost nothing to makeup for it. Maybe a 10% discount. Big deal. Our wedding rings do not match in the wedding album photos. This was zales in livingston mall, NJ. I think it was their attitude that upset me the most.

f052cc4f, 2010-06-09, 03:29PM CDT

That is horrible! I must sat i my fiance bought my engagment ring at the outlet store in texas and its wonderful and stays in place. Sorry that you had susch a bad experience I'll keep an eye on this ring though.


5439a0a9, 2010-09-13, 01:05PM CDT

Evidently there have been numerous complaints because the Outlet has now changed their return policy to mirror the regular stores. You now can get a refund within 100 days, where previously you couldn't get a refund at all on purchases from the Outlet store.

9ca30c97, 2012-01-19, 08:38AM CST

You too. My new wife and I went to Zales and purcashed a diamond and wedding band set for her and a wedding ring for me. I paid over 3000.00 for her rings. It has since february 2011 been back 4 times for the same thing. diamonds falling out. They said it was because she uses hand lotion. So she started to take it off when she put the lotion on. That did nothing. We now have to bring it back AGAIN. Different diamond gone. I am going to contact the head office a express my dislike and unsatisfied expereance with this ring and this store clerk that told us it is the lotion.Thank god i have the protection plan or we would be so out on this purchase it wouldnt be funny. But why should she be without her wedding set for any lenght of time due to this issue. I will repost after i know what they are going to do for us.

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