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RCN Cable, Phone & Internet Services

October 24, 2005

RCN Communications, Chicago, Illinois

I'm so frustrated after what I've gone through that I've vowed not to give up until I am credited a month for my services. Once I've accomplished that, I'll feel vindicated. Funny thing, you'd think the cable company would do that after everything I've gone through so that I would not have to go these routes but they'd prefer this way instead so here I am.

I've subscribed to RCN's non-digital basic services for over a year ... never had a problem. RCN convinced me that I could have more if I went with RCN for all of my services. They promised me better service, more service for less money and they hooked me. I changed my phone, internet and cable to them and became a "platinum" customer. As it turns out, everything is being converted to digital so you have no choice in the matter when you subscribe. For all of those services I pay $119, a bargain over what I paid before, but at a price, I would soon discover.

Since our service has been connected we've had poor reception, dropped calls, digital interferrance and intermittent loss of internet access, none of which we experienced with our previous providers. I know when systems are new, this is unavoidable and to be expected but the way a company handles these issues is key. RCN fails miserably time and time again. On October 13th we called because we couldn't get channels 1-9, we went thru the normal troubleshooting before they determined a technician had to be sent out. A technician came out the next day (in a 12 hour window of time for which we had to be home for) and he showed up at 730 pm, claiming we had the old boxes and they were poor quality. Keep in mind, our service is a month old.

Anyway, he changed out the box and was on his way explaining that we shouldn't feel bad, they have nothing but problems in Skokie. On the 15th we experienced the same things again, lost our channels and the picture looked like a puzzle that was falling apart. We called again and were told by a CSR that they've been having problems and are working on it. On Monday, October 17th we completely lost all of our services, internet, phone and cable service. We phoned and were told by a very rude CSR that we'd have to wait for the next available appointment which was on the 26th of October. Finding this completely unacceptable, I called back asking to speak to a Supervisor. After being treated very poorly and with no respect the Supervisor said she'd do everything she could to get a technician to us the next day but they couldn't promise a time, it would be sometime between 8 and 8. Another day off of work. I called intermittently throughout the day looking for reassurance that someone would be arriving and was repeatedly told that someone would be arriving before 8 pm and that they couldn't do anything further as we were still in that window. At 8:05 PM after no one showed up, I called the customer service number only to wait 27 minutes (on my cell) to get a CSR on the phone who couldn't hear me and hung up. I called back again, waited another 22 minutes and got the same CSR who told me he couldn't call dispatch because "no one was there that late." He instructed me to call back the next day. I called back the next day first thing in the morning (on my cell) and waited yet again for 18 minutes to get someone on the phone who simply couldn't understand why no one had showed up.

She transferred me to a Level II Representative and I waited another 22 minutes to talk to that person. They said someone could come out between 11 and 2. The technician arrived at 2 pm and (if you can believe it) the systems were all working. He left his number in case we had any more issues and 15 minutes after he left it was out again. We called the technician but got his voicemail and he never returned the call. Another call to the Customer Service Center ..... another 16 minutes on hold (on my cell) only to be told (as if I didn't know) that the technician came out and reported everything was fine. We explained the situation and they said they'd send someone again ....... to sum up this whole story we were out of service until it was finally fixed on the afternoon of the 22nd. They determined that the problem was the signal coming into our home ... it was too high and interfering with everything and again were told they have this problem all the time. It took us about 10 technician visits to figure this out, at least 6 hours of phone calls to the rude Customer Service Center (on our cell phone) and two full days off of work, one of which no one bothered to call to say they weren't showing up. Subsequently, I called the Customer Service Center asking how I'd be compensated for this horrible mess. They credited me $4.00 and some change. I was too irrate to argue. I called back today to again ask how they planned to compensate me for what was nothing less than a horrible experience. They offered to credit me for the days I was out of service (about $40) and I explained that I had two lost days of work and a cell phone bill that would now cost more than my monthly phone, cable and internet bill combined. Further, I was completely out of ALL services, not just one. They offered me nothing but to be transferred to "Retention" who could assist me in cancelling my service. I accepted the credit and hung up.

I apologize for the wordiness but there has to be some sort of recourse for the consumer. If we pay our bill late, they disconnect us. I've expended in time and cell phone charges more than my monthly bill but I have no recourse? I find that an outrage. I obviously want to register a complaint. Isn't there some sort of law they are breaking when someone completely loses phone service? If we didn't have cell phones we'd have no access to emergency services. What if I were elderly?


Skokie, Illinois

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