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Posted on Friday, October 21st, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by e8a6a1c0

Company: Bailey Banks & Biddle

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Bailey Banks & Biddle

October 20, 2005


From: 15222 PA 500 GRANT STREET, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 US

Phone: 412 391 4440

My wife went into their store to get a battery changed in her wrist watch. The watch was a tiny Seiko and the battery could not have cost more then $1.50. They charged her $20.00 to replace the battery.

This is just taking advantage of someone in the worst way. In my mind it borders on theft. I had done thousands of dollars worth of business with that store. I will never buy another piece of jewelry from them ever again!

Please post my e-mail so that other people can be warned before they get scalped. John

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6a4760b2, 2008-10-10, 11:02AM CDT

I too will never buy another piece of jewelry from them and will discourage others from buying from them also. My husband purchased a ring from them. He was not told about their jewelry bond to replace diamonds that fall out of rings. I had a diamond fall out and they charged me over $100 to replace it and then it fell out again and I was told that it would be the same charge and that I let my diamond bond expire. We knew nothing about the diamond bond. I basically had a ring I could not wear. Bailey Banks and Biddle told me that this was a ring that should not be worn on a daily basis! We finally got the diamond bond straightened out (they admitted that it had not been offered to my husband when the ring was purchased). So the diamond was replaced free of charge. Then 2 diamonds fell out and it was sent back then 3 etc. Bailey Banks and Biddle told me they would replace the ring that it must be defective. When I went in to replace it they told me the ring was not being made anymore. Then told me I could return it and get something else in its place. When I went to do that I was told that what I purchased had to be double the cost of the original purchase-ridiculous!! In other words there could not be an even exchange. I told them I was not interested in spending more money. All I got was a blank stare. Then the diamond bond expired. They refused to do anything about an inferior piece of jewelry even with a VERY LONG history of problems. By the way-they did not refund the $100 I spent that should have been covered from the original purchase. This is a bogus company!!!! My ring now has 4 missing diamonds!!When people tell ask me if I am aware I have diamonds missing I tell them yes that the ring came from Bailey Banks and Biddle and they do not stand behind their merchandise. I emailed a complaint to the company. They told me they were reviewing my complaint. That was a year ago.

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