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Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 0303cc67

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Sears computers

October 2, 2005

January 05 I made an online purchase of a Northgate PC..Nowhere in the ad was there mention that the item was not stocked in Sears warehouse. After 3 weeks the PC was dropshipped from the manufacturer in CA. After 6 weeks it failed - would not boot. Sears told me to send it for warranty repair to Micro Procducts in Miami which I did together with the recovery disc as instructed. Then followed weeks of emails and multiple phone calls because Sears had supplied an incorrect home address.

Eventually the PC was returned and was found to have been installed not with the original XP Home but with a PIRATED COPY of XP Pro. I found out about this illegal copy because Microsoft would not download updates. Then followed weeks of emails and nmultiple phone calls to Sears without willingness to help in repairing the damage done by their agents. It should be noted that to uninstall XP Pro is far from being an easy matter. Eventually I caused the PC to boot from the recovery disc and was able to install o clean copy of XP Home, but now I am in a dual-boot situation and the illrgal XP Pro remains wasting disc space. Multiple requests to Sears for help have produced no useful response. Many weeks ago a letter was sent by surface mail to their CEO in Chicago inviting him to send for the multiple emails that have been exchanged but I have not had the courtesy of even a form reply. It would appear that Sears' interest is limited to obtaining a sale, without concern for the customer.

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